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Posted on September 25, 2006
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Shally’s LinkedIn cheatsheet is live

I would like to give kudos to Shally for his latest contribution to the e-sourcing world. Shally just released a new LinkedIn CheatSheet with some very creative advanced search methods that lead to phenomenal LinkedIn results. Glenn Gutmacher adds the details:

“I am going to bet that most Elite Cybersleuths will not have utilized the majority yet (I admit not knowing many), but I’ll hedge my bet by saying that includes the 5 new hacks that Shally found (few people spend as much time reverse searching online!) that get you results way beyond the 500 results limit doing very targeted searches, including plenty of results outside your 3-degrees network reach. You don’t need a paid LI account to use these.

Along with 30+ LinkedIn recruiter networking tips that could stand alone as quite useful). I recommend the download. If you ever got his GOOGLE CHEAT SHEET from way back when, this blows it away,” and doesn’t cost more than one or two Mojitos or Martinis. I think your career advancement is worth at least that much, don’t you?

Add the following tools to your recruitment utility belt with the following MUST-HAVE’s:

This printable reference reveals excellent shortcuts to get the most out of searching on LinkedIn. It includes five never-before-seen hacks that will empower you to go beyond some of LinkedIn’s built-in limitations. For a limited time, purchase the Linkedin Cheatsheet and receive LinkedIn Networking Tips for Recruiters revealing over 30 ways to build your network and online credibility.

This printable Desktop Internet Search Reference can get you out of the hot plate. You can consult it quickly and it will provide you with reliable, instantly useful results. Our CheatSheet is not designed to replace all your sources, but when you get that “red hot” requirement demanding results “yesterday” reach for your medicine cabinet, take some migraine medicine and apply this remedy. The magic of this CheatSheet is that by following a few simple steps, and using unique keywords, a savvy CyberSleuth can obtain some initial results in as quickly as ten minutes or less.

You get a requirement for a Director of Optical Hardware Engineering with 15 years of experience in board-level design for SONET gear. Without having previously worked on such requirements, there’s nothing in the “pipeline” for the hiring manager to look at immediately. After using the CheatSheets for five minutes you have two solid candidates to present and can buy some time to fill up the pipeline.

Likewise, if you are interested in creating an ELITE SOURCING TEAM, I am partnering with Shally Steckerl’s JobMachine, Inc with a variety of training options, both onsite and via online webinars. The Shally Way is the marquee standard, it that raises your game upteen levels above that of outdated AIRS training of old. If you are interested contact Stefanie, direct here and tell her “El Dave” sent you!

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