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Why Do I Blog?

Posted on May 8, 2007
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By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, JobMachine Inc.

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Shally was kind enough to outline an effort among blogging colleagues to reflect upon our own personal initiative when it comes to “Why We Blog” – and a timely question I might add and well designed by our friends Steven Levy and Dennis Smith. On May 9th I will be moderating a Blogging Panel which will address the general assembly at the Kennedy Conference and Expo on the topic of “Blogging from “Guerrilla” Marketing to Mainstream Recruiting“

1. Why do you blog?

To provide a personalized public forum for the voices we have heard, those would should be listening to more closely and to those yet to be heard, – and always a student to new ideas and the technology vehicles to take us to the next horizon. My blog is my personal space to evangelize cutting edge advanced sourcing methodologies, to sing praises for my family and colleagues I admire, and above all, share a piece of myself as a person – to vent, to think, and to laugh outloud

2. What do you prefer to blog about?

My blog has evolved into a social networking, fan site per se, vocalizing and formenting a grass roots observance of unsung Rock Stars within our industry, who by action and ideas inspire new modes of process, strategy, and advocacy – recruiters for recruiters who set trends and didn’t even know it.

3. Where do you receive your inspiration from?

I was inspired by Gerry Crispin and Shally Steckerl about the importance of mentoring, and by Jason Davis and Dennis Smith, the living breathing way of life of blogging your way into something much bigger; the greatest value proposition thus far in our changing industry – one of community building within our industry.

4. Who do you write your blog for?

First and foremost my audience is the rank and file in the staffing industry, – those who have yet to be introduced to, but of open mind to develop the desire for knowledge of new tools, methods, and people who are leading our industry from the bottom up. It’s kinda like a place where everyone who drank Folger’s coffee learns about how many flavors they have yet to taste and savor. My friends serve great coffee, I only hope to make the introduction. 🙂

5. How much blogging has impacted your business/company’s recruiting brand?

It has been an enormous branding evolution creating career opportunities and associations with colleagues for whom I have the greatest of esteem. Blogging has changed my life and given me perspective, and it has developed friendships with individual brands I am honored to learn from. I wanted to be known as the “recruiter who promotes other recruiters,” and in some small way I have achieved that simple goal, to give credit where it’s due.

6. When do you find the time to blog?

Between the 1st and 3rd post midnight feeding run caring for my infant daughter and after my second red bull in the morning.

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