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Why I’m a fan of Cheezhead – Looking back at 2007

Posted on January 1, 2008
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By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, Affiliate Partner, JobMachine Inc.
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In 2006, Joel Cheesman made recruitingblogs cool, in 2007 he made’s “best blog” contest have currency with a broader interest from sponsors who found merit in our content and readership and expressed it with developing the blog niche as a crucial part of their overall marketing strategy,i.e. JobCentral.

Above all Joel had the shazaam to meet his number one whipping boy – Jobster’s former CEO, Jason Goldberg on stage in front of 700+ at ERE to air his differences mano a mano and by the book with facts well documented.

When I first started, as have many others expressed – he brought us bright eyed, enthusiastic and clueless … a standard, teaching us a readership will only respect you if you can be yourself, develop original content, and develop your brand.

I listened. I never stop learning. Joel never stops being original, embraces his inner goof while showcasing a lot of talent he modestly shrugs off when accolades are given.

Wishing you a happy New Year Joel to you and those you love, Six Degrees style. Those girls who threw that snowball at you don’t know what they are talking about ….Blogging is for winners – you taught us well.

About Joel Cheesman,

Cheezhead author Joel Cheesman is one of the most widely-read bloggers on emerging recruitment issues in the world. He was the recipient of’s Best Technology Recruitment Blog for 2005 and received Best Recruiting Blog in 2007. He has been featured in Fast Company magazine and its blog under FC Reads, as well as NewsNow, Workforce Management, AIRS, Crain’s Business, BusinessWeek Magazine, Resumes for Dummies and The Wall Street Journal (print addition).

Joel’s blog is a daily chronicle of how the Internet and technology are shaping human resources and how organizations can attract the talent needed to thrive in tomorrow’s economy. As an employee and insider of some of America’s biggest online job sites since 1997, Joel founded HRSEO to help employers and companies in the recruitment space move to a world where search engines deliver high quality and cost-effective traffic.

Joel is an evangelist of search engine optimization (SEO), Internet marketing and other emerging technologies that help employers and like businesses drive targeted candidates to vacancies.

Joel also serves as a special consultant to the new, non-profit organization overseeing the development of the carefully regulated .jobs domain. He speaks at international events like the British Columbia HRMA conference.

John Sumser, a recruitment industry guru, adds, “Joel Cheesman has little respect for the way things used to be. That’s why we like him so much.” Gretchen Ledgard, former Staffing Marketing Manager at Microsoft, calls Joel “a crazy smart guy.”

Joel Speaking at Canada's Top 100 Employers conferencePrior to working in the Internet recruiting space, Joel cut his teeth in the political arena in Washington, D.C. and managing congressional races around the US. Joel is a graduate of Ball State University.

In addition to being a closet SEO geek, Joel’s an avid fan of sports, music and good food. So don’t be surprised to see him relaxing some summer Saturday afternoon at Jacobs Field with a Stadium Mustard topped bratwurst and a Dortmunder watching the Indians, hanging in the Dawg Pound for a Browns game or enjoying a concert at The Agora.

Joel lives in Cleveland, Ohio, with his wife Laura, son Cole and their two cats, Nacho and Chili.

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2 Responses to “Why I’m a fan of Cheezhead – Looking back at 2007”

  1. Joel Cheesman on December 28th, 2007 5:52 pm

    Cheers, Dave. Thanks.

  2. Bryan Starbuck on December 31st, 2007 1:10 pm

    Good post and spot-on. Bloggers like you and Joel have a unifying effect on the recruiting industry.

    Before blogging, I don’t think there was anything like it.