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WIRELESSJOBS.COM RE-BRANDS – Job Seekers: Networking is a 4 Letter Word

Posted on September 4, 2006
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Prince rebranded his name from “Prince” to an unpronounceable symbol back to “Prince” again. We all knew it was ….Prince, and we knew he rocked just as much and throughout. Well is now ‘formerly known as” Career Builder’s Blog.

Six Degrees has a genuine friend in the team at Our friends there have lit up the proverbial Vegas lights, passed out metaphorical flyers and even, rumor has it, performed smoke signals to inform fellow bloggers that we exist. So when we heard Dennis Smith, Senior Manager at T-Mobile and his team of fellow bloggers, Liz, Amanda, and Kristi, were rebranding their site, we waited for an opportunity to shout out. Today we have that opportunity with an awesome post Job Seekers: Networking is a 4 Letter Word.”

Dennis and his team of blogging stalwarts spend each of their days hiring T-Mobile’s best and brightest engineers and as a hobby (and passion) their super powers are in infinite scanning mode to catch all that is newsworthy to communicate to an audience that demands to be entertained. They accomplish both tasks handidly. (Rumor has it they are working on cold fusion too) introduces us to Scott Ginsberg. Check out his 51 Thoughts on Networking.

As a fellow “Social Relationship Networker” enthusiast myself, I thought it encumbent upon myself to further the message with the Top Ten Networking factoids & Must-Do’s:

1. The Federal Bureau of Labor did a study a few years back indicating that 70% of all new business comes from some form of networking.

2. No matter where you go – the Mall, church, out to dinner, the gym – you better have at least five business cards with you.

3. Be able to give an UNFORGETTABLE personal introduction in 10 seconds, 30 seconds and 6o seconds.

4. When someone on the phone says, “May I ask who’s calling?” get excited. Say something unique that makes that person say, “Um, okay…please hold.” Be unexpected. Be cool. Be memorable.

5. Get Google alerts on yourself, your company, your area of expertise and your competition. If you don’t know what a Google alert is, just Google it.

6. Networking isn’t selling, marketing or cold calling. It’s the development and maintenance of mutually valuable relationships. Don’t mix those things up.

7. The most important four letters in the word NETWORKING are W-O-R-K, because that’s exactly what it takes.

8. If you give your business card to somebody and they don’t reply, “Hey, cool card!” get a new card. (Thank you, Jeffrey Gitomer.)

9. When attending networking events, come early. Check out the nametags. See if you know anybody, or find people you’d like to meet.

10. Sit in the back so you can scan the room for specific people you’d like to connect with.

One more thing: Scott Ginsburg is now one of my must reads. As a recruiter I have long been a believer in promotionals as a means of connecting with prospective leads to the closing of an offer. Kick a little more tail with Scott’s illustrative point-by-point on the “Unexpected, Yet Unforgettable Follow-up.”

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2 Responses to “WIRELESSJOBS.COM RE-BRANDS – Job Seekers: Networking is a 4 Letter Word”

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