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What Could HR Software do for your Business?

Posted on January 12, 2017
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Guest Article By Sarah Williams

The world of business is a challenging one. There is always so much to be done, and never enough hours in the day.

Fortunately, there are ways to lighten the load a bit. One of the best ways to do is to invest in a good suite of business tools, and learn how to use them.

Of course, buying these software packages costs money, and learning how to use them takes time, but it is definitely worth it in the end. Day to day jobs become easier to do, staff can work more efficiently and fewer important tasks end up being forgotten. As a result, the software soon pays for itself, and starts to save your firm money.

There are many examples of software suites that can bring these benefits. Today, we are looking specifically at HR software.

Efficient payroll

For any firm making sure that staff are paid on time is a priority. It is also important to apply the correct taxes and make sure that social security payments are made on time. Practically every HR package on the market includes some sort of payroll functionality.

Appraisal and training tools

An important element of managing people is monitoring performance and providing regular feedback. Most companies do this using an appraisal system. Modern HR software includes modules that are designed to streamline this process, and make sure it is done on time. It can also help you to get the most out of the data gathered during each appraisal. You can find out more about setting up an annual appraisal process, and getting the most out of it, by reading this article.

If you want to you can use the information you glean from the appraisal system to identify the training needs of your workforce. A good HR package will also provide you with an effective way to manage your company’s training. This will make it easy for you to monitor training, make sure it takes place on time and monitor the impact it has on productivity.

If you work in an industry where workers have to go through legally mandated training your HR system can be used to monitor how this is done. You can also store details of who completed the training and when. This is information you can use to prove to inspectors that you have stayed within the law.

When staff need to be sent on refresher courses on a periodic basis, that fact can be programmed into your HR software. The system will then notify you of when you need to book these courses, and tell you who you need to send on them.

Where to find good quality software

If you want to find out more and get access to a great HR tool for businesses, we strongly suggest that you hit the link. You will be taken to the website of a company that has been providing HR software to companies, for decades. The way they sell their packages means that you only have to buy what you need now, and have the option to add more modules as your business grows.

Talent Launches New Service Model with Website

Posted on August 24, 2016
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Talent Engine, the brainchild of Dave Mendoza, is the latest entrant into the world of outsourced sourcing intelligence. is helping drive the game changing, Sourcing OnDemand Model it designed at SAP.

Talent Engine recently put out its virtual shingle with the launch of a brand new website. The new site outlines the process and system whereby the consultancy claims to be a single source of competitive intelligence and sourcing data. Talent Engine best serves organizations of all sizes looking for accurate candidate sourcing and hiring data.

Talent Engine was built on the processes and methodologies that have won Mendoza, the Managing Director, awards from some of the industry’s most visible media companies.

“My Futurecasting methodology and the work I’ve done at SAP, Cisco, Blizzard Entertainment, Informatica, Wal-mart eCommerce, and more, have all created a library of sourcing knowledge that have scaled the work for the average talent acquisition department,” said Mendoza. “We’re not only impacting the big companies who have had access to great sourcing resources for some time, we’re creating real change for small to mid-sized companies, those that make up most of the workforce.”
The Talent Engine team offers a proprietary platform that works with their clients’ recruiters to build a “single source of truth” for talent acquisition data within their company. This allows talent acquisition leaders to control how their talent acquisition team works best and with different external resources. With that off their plate, company recruiters can spend their day on important parts of the hiring process requiring personal touch and attention like calling candidates, closing offers and training new hires.

“Dave consistently delivers on what he sets out to do. His Talent Engine team (a very appropriate name) drives results,” said Matt McDonald, Sourcing Leader at SAP. “They consistently deliver high volume and high quality data. The amount of detail they are able to capture in such a short period of time goes above and beyond expectations and really helps drive projects to fruition.”

With accolades from some of the largest names in the global talent acquisitions space, Mendoza’s Talent Engine is poised to bring sophisticated sourcing to the SMB market. With the help of media partner, Red Branch Media, the company launched a new website to do just that.

“We completely understood Dave’s vision for the site from day one. It’s an engine that drives talent acquisition within your company,” said Maren Hogan, CEO of Red Branch Media. “I’ve known Dave for years and worked with him on many projects in the past. This is one I am very excited about.”

Talent Engine is taking select clients through Spring 2017. Connect with Talent Engine to start your candidate sourcing process today.

About Talent Engine:

Talent Engine is a talent acquisition technology firm based in Colorado looking to build a scalable talent pipeline for the future. Talent Engine digs through the layers of talent acquisition data to revitalize, remove irrelevant details, optimize to cater to each client and validate incoming data for bottom-line results.

Hire competitively and visit their website to learn more:

For new updates, we encourage you to follow their Linkedin Company page!

To request a demo, feel free to contact us directly


Posted on August 11, 2015
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Gerry Crispin said it best to me recently, “Anyone who aspires to be more than a student of the profession he adopts is missing the point. Perhaps a student list would be more appropriate.”

Not all lists are equal – especially when one list is truly about 3 or 4 lists based on category. All of the following is an observation not about the merit of anyone listed but on the shrewd click bait strategy behind it or simply, exceptional laziness to avoid the extra work of splitting lists into their proper categories to make them relevant.

While aligning the alphabet with the new Glassdoor article, “2015 HR and Recruiting Thought Leaders to Follow” … I thought to myself silently ..”.Interesting list.”

Interesting for all the wrong reasons. Yet another list that’s dramatically weighted favorably on behalf of non-practitioners in Talent Acquisition versus recruitment marketing and event development. I see three lists with different categorical titles to be featured, yes most certainly. I do not see a “Talent Thought Leaders list” as in Talent Acquisition Thought Leaders List.

Now before I proceed, let’s start with a reader challenge, a game if you will: Click through the list and save each on a spreadsheet and measure and qualify the following:

1. Verify the ratio between those who are actual practitioners of corporate talent acquisition as compared to those profiles linked that state explicitly in their own profiles whether they do anything remotely specific to talent acquisition; i.e. recruit, source, lead each of the aforementioned with head count, and responsibility or influence of metrics and ROI.

2. Verify which of those individuals listed, state they are HR vs. Talent Development vs Human Capital vs Branding vs Recruitment Marketing. If yes, then why proceed further to fail to segment the list of accomplished individuals in their respective fields … in their own list category?

3. Verify further discount whether the person self identifies as either a Vendor or direct in-house or engagement capacity directly client facing in Corporate Talent Acquisition

4. Verify if the persons listed have ever tangibly been responsible, or influenced, in either a sourcing capacity or recruiting capacity that actually ever led to hire(s). Objectively speaking many of those listed have not met this minimal requirement.

5. Verify finally, whether individual(s) listed has recruited or sourced or overseen a team that has done either, in the past 5 years (Let’s be generous)

6. Do the proposed qualifiers prove accurate and consistent with the meaning of practitioner in the field of talent Acquisition – AND, if they do not, by what standard are your applying merit to “Thought Leader” designation?

7. By what measurable, quantifiable basis have they developed a process, a strategy, or other TA function that objectively influenced change as best practice in the broader industry, hence the applied and esteemed designation of “Talent Thought Leader”?

If none of the above points are allocated favorably – Glassdoor, why are they taking slots form actual practitioners of talent acquisition and who have actually hands-on viewed challenges and implemented solutions to qualify as a thought leader engaged in the vocation for which I am passionate about? Is the company that derives revenue for assessment of ranking on several qualifiers unable to do so for this one instance, or is this a broader systemic issue of “Brian Williams” caliber inconsistency with facts?

Does it in any way discount any achievements on the periphery of the TA industry at large? No. It reflects my logical opinion that a list is waiting for an author to list top leaders in those, other categories.

Does GlassDoor truly believe our vocation has to search high and low with such grandiose effort as to not find enough individuals who are practitioners to fill one list versus another? Granted whereas I do not believe this the case as opposed to throwing link bait into the socialsphere I find it undermines the credibility of a respected brabd that sells the product of reliable reviews. The list is on its own merits irrelevant for the most part to the statement posed “2015 HR and Recruiting Thought Leaders to Follow”
Now before I proceed I will not in any way diminuate the accomplishment of being noticed to anyone. Most certainly, I will burn pyres on he mountain tops across the Swiss Alps to ensure that Kudos given is Kudos warranted for the star power and – in complete disclosure, to my buddies, Bryan Chaney , Johnny Cambell, , Carrie Corbin, Pepsi super hero, Chris Hoyt and the ever delightful “Whamo factor” of Maren Hogan. I know my Lasik procedure is lasting three years post hence when my eyes focus on the obvious who’s who that commands every list for all reasons logical – the Godfather himself, Gerry Crispin who actually runs symposiums with actual W2 tax filed leadership in corporate boardrooms across the large expanse of a planet.

Rumor has it Gerry is perched on camouflaged tarp covered boxes in high tree tops with binoculars seeking the herding rituals and taking fastidious notes as he sees particular CHROs, Vice Presidents, Directors, Staffing Managers and – lo and behind recruiters and sourcers – observed live in the wild as practitioners sharing their failures, bets on technologies that didn’t rollout as planned and how they used creativity tape and glue to realign and ferment adoption that gave birth to an ROI win. It was a lovely birth albeit as you listen that Quarterly report on a conference call towards the journey sounds eerily familiar to the unrefined pallet after making sausage.

When I say Congrats to the ever talented, Cindy Cloud, we likewise observe the shocking omission of that the magical idea palace that is Informatica’s talent organization – and that leader in the trenches like no other, Brad Cook.

Brad Cook does more thought leadership on his napkin before eating his Wheaties than many others observed – same holds for Glenn Gutmacher, Danielle Monaghan, Will Staney, Andrew Gadomski Sean Rehder., Alex Putman John Turnberg. Andrew Heywood, Allison A Kruse, Jeff Weidner. While not distracting from the joyous clamor of fans to the familiar faces otherwise, it does not forgo the necessity of giving credit where its due. Correct? Not so much in the trending patterns of “Thought Leader Lists” – and all the more are sins of omission given voice in my post given it is supplied by no less than Glassdoor. This being the company that emphasizes the legitimacy of its rankings for best place to work … produced this list and Oh what a List it wasn’t!


Let me preface what follows by recognizing my opinion as the Crazy Idea it truly is in this pop culture laden, 3D printed spectacle. Here is my idea and grasp your seats as you continue reading my radicalism simmer in the alphabet:

“If we can get a man to the moon and back …. maybe,” … One day, let’s have a list of people with spend power to hire bleeding edge sourcers and recruiters using bleeding edge technology – you know the ones who actually have to show metrics while pushing vendors and tools to their limits and fashioning the technology industry into the image of what TA actually needs versus repeating the words “Transparency” and “Being Yourself” as if it runs the fuel for Tesla Motors. Forgive me, but I’d love to see the masters of ROI … and we know who they are – more people should.

When I helped populate RecruitingBlogs back in the day, the uniqueness of its ‘cool kids’ in TA churned out a more approachable class of thinkers … but in hindsight Pop Culture Recruitment as an industry has morphed from the idealistic vision of where technology effects the daily lives of our practitioners who churn out metrics as a solid narrative – into more conversations about those who write about what others do.
Recruitment Marketing is its own stream of talent … be it Maren Hogan, Rayanne Thorn, or Jessica Miller-Merrell — or silent brainiacs like Brent Skinner who reviews talent and HR technology. Granted a HUGE respect to this critical segment I liken to the Three Estates of the French Revolution gathering in street assemblies to hear the grievances and he rallying cries. These talented brethren observe and catalog, (and done so beautifully and virally I should add) with all the advantages to having front row seats to the Talent Revolution. They are the supply chain to our industry that narrates and assesses the fermenting rebellion against the manual tasks of faxes, post and pray of yesteryear versus their evangelism to our mission.

In between all the lists sites think are cute to ensure those who tweet will have “Share Power ACTIVATE(!!)” – you find when you turn right at the mine shaft, the “PRACTITIONER. He/She is unsung in heroics and lists gone viral. It’s a damn shame.
Those colleagues are in the trenches and smell the napalm in the morning … and i can tell you it is unpleasant and we never mind it, we have time to fill to consider, and source of hire, source of university to factor in and that takes ingenuity and boldness to risk being wrong when betting on a spend. We make the business case that results in budget buy in from stakeholders in the corporate leadership boardroom to equip us with automation, machine learning, and social data platforms that are in the DNA algorithm of our desktop screens.

There are many and there are a select few that empower their social brands to become an important part of the story of which talent platforms become mainstream in our offices to the right of the expresso and bouncy house we secretly confided as the rational for selecting an offer to lead from an Apple or an Uber or a Tesla Motors per se. Without the content of recruitment marketing, the masses in TA would lake the tangible described to us, akin as of through their capable ‘war correspondent eyes’ they make sense of new recruiting trends and its technology players as they finesse ideas new and old into market surfing the waves of APIs.

Let’s be ‘transparent’ (pop culture, code word alert). All the above being stated sincerely and substantively – that does not make for an honestly reflective “Talent Thought Leader” list weighted 3 out of 4 in favor versus names known in buildings where they use the tools, jerry-rig the tools to make them do things our vendors fail to produce for us or fail to do so well enough to make the volume of hires we are assessed by.

And then there are those I haven’t added because I’m 45 and forgetting where I leave my keys now, often. But let’s stop promoting the oddity and the spectacle of holding events that vendors are silly enough to extend beyond their 15 minutes and let’s focus on the doers … and that list is usually more honest when its on paper not on lists that you blink while recalling the names and the bar you mingled at. While they sip wine .. great unsung talent leaders are launching complex rollouts, change management and tying processes and technology into REAL Talent Acquisition solutions.

This list is more about who’s funky not building solutions. I’m 45 maybe I’m my grumpy pops … God Rest his soul … but a passionate Spaniard cannot be denied an observation.

Today it was written and I smiled. Truth to Power, Man. Groovy. Back to reviewing a Thought Leader list … Wait Who?!

Creating the Right Environment for Success within Your Company

Posted on August 11, 2015
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The ethos of your business and the working environment your personnel work within has a huge impact on how fast your firm will grow. Creating the right work environment helps people to work with each other to achieve the goals of your company. When they work together as a cohesive team, they naturally work more efficiently and are happier and therefore more likely to stay with your firm.

Now that is not exactly a revelation. It is fairly obvious that this way of working is beneficial. Yet despite this, it is still not unusual to go into firms and find that an atmosphere of competitiveness and, sometimes, outright hostility exists between different teams. It leaves people working against each other rather than with each other and can create an adversarial work environment.

Out with the old ways

You still find firms where different departments and divisions that are solely focused on achieving their goals. In some firms, department heads are not worried if another area of the business suffers because of the way they work as long as they achieve their targets.

Sometimes, there is an almost combative relationship between departments, with one area of the business believing they are more important than the rest. There is a lack of cohesiveness within the business with people effectively pulling in different directions, and, therefore, working against each other.

Changing the work environment

This clearly is not the best way to run a business, so more and more firms are rejecting this way of working and changing the work environment. They are pulling everyone together into a single and effective team and doing away with some of the old norms, and start that process by doing the following.

A shared purpose values and trust

An important step is to clearly define the purpose of the business and make sure that everyone understands how what he or she does contributes to that goal. Departmental and divisional goals and targets are always secondary to the overall purpose of the firm. However, because all internal goals are geared towards the firm’s primary purpose there is no conflict and both sets of goals can be achieved. It means that people can see themselves as part of one big team rather than just a member of a departmental or divisional team.

Shared values and trust establish the correct work environment. They provide checks and balances that govern behavior and keep the workplace harmonious as well as achieving the company’s overall goals.

Leadership development

The only way to ensure that a firm can become better connected internally and work as a single unit towards a common goal is to provide strong leadership. For this reason, good executive leadership development is essential. The executives in the company need strong leadership skills to enable them to lead by example and keep their teams moving in the desired direction.

Strong systems and processes

Putting in place and using strong systems and processes makes it clear what has to be done at every stage. They allow progress to be properly monitored and provide a way of ensuring that goals are being met at all times. If everyone in the business meets their goals and does, what they should on time and to the right standard, the net result is better productivity and a better service.

Of course, there is far more involved in creating the best work environment, but above we have highlighted the three main components.


Is Prince2 Right for You?

Posted on June 2, 2015
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Guest Contribution By Sandra Madden

The development and training of staff is important at every level. There are many different options in terms of the types of training that are available and the format in which this training takes place. For people interested in project management training, Prince2 is one of the options available. But, is it right for you or your employees?

What is Prince2?

Prince2 is the second version of PRojects IN Controlled Environments. This project management training course was originally the framework used for government organizations in managing their ICT projects. However, people recognized that the same techniques and tools could be used in managing all types of projects. Prince2 was released and it is now used by many types of companies and is the most popular project management training currently in existence.

Who is Prince2 for?

Prince2 is an appropriate course for a wide range of people. If you are currently working as a project manager and want to update your skills and learn about using new techniques and software to improve your practice, then this course is ideal for you. It is also perfect for those who are not yet working as a project manager but aim to do so in the future. Taking this course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to embark on a career in project management. You are more likely to get selected for interviews if you have taken steps towards improving your skills so that you can become a successful project manager.

What are the benefits of accreditation?

Gaining accreditation for any training course is always beneficial. Adding training courses to your CV can give you that extra edge over other candidates. If two people have the same qualifications and similar experiences, the training courses they have attended can make all the difference to who gets selected for the interview process and who receives a rejection letter.

Also, having accreditation for the Prince2 project management training will give your superiors in your current employment, or potential future employers, the impression that you are a motivated person who is keen to progress and show that you are serious about continuous professional development. It signals to employers that you have the skills, knowledge and experience to use a variety of methods to successfully manage a project.

Benefits for Companies

It is not just beneficial for the staff to learn new skills through Prince2 training. It is also beneficial for the companies they work for. Staff who are well trained and have had the opportunity for development are usually more motivated and productive. Also, they can apply the methods, techniques and skills they have learned through training and apply these to your company’s projects. As a result, you projects are more likely to be completed successfully and on time. This has clear benefits to the overall success and profitability of your business. Therefore, it is worthwhile encouraging staff to complete this training and offer them such opportunities for professional development.

Overall, project management training courses, such as Prince2, can have many benefits. It has advantages for both the employees as individuals and also for the company as a whole. Providing opportunities for development keeps staff happy and will help your business to run more effectively and efficiently. As one of the most popular training courses in the field of project management, Prince2 is definitely an option worth considering.

Finding the Right Talent Through team+ Technology

Posted on May 11, 2015
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The following article is sponsored by

In and ideal world, employees have the job that best matches their talents and passion. Better yet, they feel they are partnering with their bosses for success. That also means that employers have motivated and productive teams. In practice, however, it can be quite challenging to find the right talent, even for experienced HR consultants and managers.

We all know that, in the end, we spend many hours with the new hire and we need to like them. Plus, especially in highly technical jobs, they need to meet the minimum requirements to qualify at all.

This poses a triple-challenge: finding the person with the exact background who is aligned with the company’s vision and who we like to hang out with.

Many technologies have been designed to bridge that gap between candidates and employers. We basically see two kinds of technologies. First, there are sophisticated talent management systems with recruiting features within larger ERPs such as SAP’s success factors or Oracle’s Taleo. Second, there are many specialized web recruitment systems.

No matter if any of those are being used or not, finding resumes is easy and can be free of charge for recruiters and HR Managers to find plenty of resumes. From a candidate perspective, many known technologies provide an easy way to submit their resume and cover letter in connection with social media. Still, recruiters have to sift through tons of resumes, many of which do not even match the requirements by a long shot.

The web-based team+ platform closes the gap all the way:

MATCH: the core team+ functionality matches resumes with positions based on industry-relevant parameters within one click. On average, only 20% of newly incoming resumes need to be checked. And only 1-5% from previously submitted resumes are preselected to match the position.

TALENT: as the number of resumes to check is minimized, the chance to find this one hidden talent is boosted. This gives managers the means to hire top professionals that match the skills, education and experience of the specific position.

CANDIDATES: the best representative of candidates are themselves. We provide the tools to them to promote their profile for specific positions, to input their resume’s key points using simple forms and make it accessible by the recruiters.

VIDEO: if relevant and useful, candidates can be given the option to submit a video interview to specific questions set by the HR manager according to each position. This feature should not interfere with equal opportunities – it should help finding a person who fits into the team based on their personality.

Contributed Article: “How to Attract more Qualified Candidates with your Job Listing”

Posted on April 11, 2015
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Contributed Article
by Agata at Now Learning

If you’ve had to repost a job listing due to a tepid response, it may be time to take a closer look at your listing content. Does the ad use language that could be a turnoff to potential candidates? Did you promote the listing adequately using social media channels? Will a candidate understand who you are and what your brand stands for when glancing at your listing? It may seem like a lot of thought to put into a basic “help wanted” ad, but the more specific and unique you can be with your listing, the more likely you will be to pull in serious, qualified candidates. With that in mind, here are a few tips to consider.

1. Don’t be overly generic.

If you’ve worked in recruiting or HR, you know just how off-putting a generic cover letter can be. You know the one – the one that is clearly being fired off to hundreds of HR managers without editing. A candidate could be quite qualified, but this type of approach makes it seem like they want any position rather than the position at your company. Don’t make your job listing the equivalent of a “to whom it may concern” letter. Make sure it’s unique, telling the audience what they really need to know about your brand and the job opening. It should spark interest and open up a dialogue.

2. Stay true to your brand.

At the same time, don’t get so caught up in writing with pizzazz that you misrepresent your brand. Your listing should be an extension of your company’s brand, and it should make a great first impression in the same way a piece of advertising would. The candidate should be able to get a grasp of what your company’s all about within the first few sentences.

3. Use a human tone of voice.

You only have a few seconds to make this great first impression. Candidates skim dozens, if not hundreds, of job ads per day. Don’t sound like a robot with the content’s tone, stuffing the listing with industry buzzwords. Ditch the overly corporate jargon while still keeping the tone professional, so that the listing is meaningful.

4. Be realistic with job requirements.

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re trying to find the perfect fit for your company. While it’s only natural that you want to hire someone who ticks all the boxes, don’t write out a laundry list of requirements that’s impossible to meet. You’ll turn off qualified candidates who might otherwise meet 80% of the requirements. Remember, a good candidate can be trained on the job. Consider a training and assessment course to help you learn how to ease new hires into the company and keep skills up to par. At the job listing level, you could instead list preferred rather than required skills to draw in a wider range of applicants.

5. Spread the word.

You may have crafted an accurate, irresistible job listing, but if no one finds it you’ll still be working with a quite limited pool of applicants. Post it on the usual job boards and on your website, but also think about posting it on social media. Use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to share your opening and you’ll widen the net.

By putting a bit of time and effort into your job listings, you’ll attract the same amount of effort back from talented potential team members.

Establish your Culture Early In A Start-Up

Posted on March 25, 2015
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Establish your Culture Early

Getting a business off the ground is challenging especially in the early days when you are on your own and are responsible for everything. In those days, you have to wear many hats. One minute you are doing marketing, the next accounts it is all a whirlwind. Finally, you realize that you can’t keep all of the balls in the air and take on your first employee. It is a great relief, but in no time, you have turned your new employee into a jack of all trades putting a huge amount of pressure on them. Without realizing it, you are creating a negative culture that is going to lead to high staff turnover that will hold you back.

All successful businesses value their staff and the vast majority of the fastest growing start-ups put employee motivation front and centre and do so from the very beginning. Staff that know that they are valued outperform undervalued staff every time. They are more engaged with the business, enjoy their work and are enthusiastic. When you need them to go that extra mile, they are ready and willing to do so.
There are several ways to engage your employees. Here are a few of the easiest ways to do it:

A Bonus Scheme

For start-ups bonus schemes work well. Giving staff a share of the profits makes a huge difference and it is an easy scheme to administer, so it is perfect for start-ups.

The simpler the scheme is the better. Putting aside a small percentage of the profits and sharing it evenly amongst all staff once a year works well for many small firms. It can be as little as 1% of the profit made.

Later when you go public, you can easily change this up to a share related scheme. Some firms do both.

Regular Assessments

Setting aside time to talk to your employees on a one on one basis and setting clear targets and goals is a good way of encouraging an open and honest working culture. At least twice a year you should sit down and review progress.

It is important that these targets and goals are measurable and that they are achievable and that they have been agreed between you and your employees. Setting unrealistic goals or forcing employees to accept targets that they do not feel are achievable can easily create a negative rather than a positive environment.

Employee Engagement Awards

Employee engagement awards create a positive culture in the workplace. Celebrating and rewarding your staff on a regular basis is a great way to motivate them and encourage innovation.

Studies have shown that engaged employees are 67% more likely to exceed their targets and 36% more productive. Importantly, they are also four times more likely to stay with your firm. This is vital for a growing organization. The last thing you need is for those who understand your business to leave you just when you need them most.

There are numerous ways to set up and run these engagement schemes, which is why they are perfect for every type of firm including start-ups. There are some great agencies out there that will take care of the whole process for you and do so for a very low per employee cost.

How Human Resources Software Can Help Small Businesses

Posted on February 17, 2015
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How Human Resources Software Can Help Small Businesses

One of the most time-consuming and expensive facets of any small business is the Human Resources department. It has remained largely outmoded in regards to how technology can assist with the essential role that they play. After all a company is only as efficient and motivated as the workforce that they employ, but compared to sales, marketing and accounting it has – until recently – been largely left behind the times.

Modern HR software looks set to revolutionise how small businesses can run their departments akin to companies that are much larger and with far more substantial budgets. Here are a few reasons why:

Administrative efficiency

Modern HR software is designed to specifically make the old HR tasks of form filling, duplications and updating records practically autonomous and automatic. There is little need for a bank of clerical staff to process and update these procedures – offering the potential to save considerable payroll at no loss of efficiency. Indeed once configured and integrated into existing systems HR software can be considerably more efficient and scheduled to perform tasks in advance or overnight.

Automate recruitment campaigns

As noted above, recruiting the best personnel is utterly essential for any small business should they be looking to grow and compete against larger competitors. The reality of recruitment drives is that they are expensive – not just financially but also in regards to ‘man’ hours, both of which can be better used elsewhere in the organisation.

Throughout a recruitment drive Human Resources software can simplify and streamline the entire process, allowing staff the opportunity to be certain that they select the best candidate rather than being swamped by administration.

HR software can be set up to create and monitor online vacancy adverts. These adverts are saved and can be easily reviewed and reposted as employees come and go. An essential component of this is that HR software allows prospective employees to submit their applications online, either directly through the company website or through a syndicated employment website.

If there are prerequisite qualifications or skills for the post that an applicant needs to select a ‘yes or no’ answer for, HR software can screen out those without these essential skills from consideration. Once more this simply streamlines the task and removes another time-wasting element of the process. The software is also capable of assisting in carrying out background checks, transferring details through payroll and it can play a major part in reducing duplication of effort.

Employee training & development

Of course, any new starter is likely to require training to ensure that they not only can perform their task to maximum efficiency, but also to gain skills that will be useful as they hopefully develop their career within the company. HR software helps with this as it can be a shared point of reference between HR and performance analysis, allowing management to monitor and assess where training and development is required.

Also bear in mind that some positions require (often legally) regular refresher sessions. With HR software and a comprehensive database of employees training requirements, these dates need never be missed.

Monitor KPI & Performance

HR software allows data such as number of applicants per vacancy, absence and training analysis and KPI to be easily presented and examined. This makes it simple to see where the company could become more efficient, not just in overall long term strategy but also on a day-to-day basis.

HR software & employee interaction

This software isn’t just about monitoring employees; it also encourages them to interact with it. This is especially useful when collating data such as timesheets; hours spent on which projects and even self-certified sickness leave. Self-service web based HR software is available 24 hours a day and can be a useful tool for employees to register interest on courses, training and allow them to print off payslips and P60s as required.

Easily integrates & naturally evolves

Progress is invariably accompanied sometimes by a little apprehension, but HR software is designed to easily integrate with existing systems and become ever more effective over time. As the software is used so it will grow and become an ever more effective means of monitoring HR, allowing long term trends to be spotted and streamlined. Remember that the software is flexible and can be configured to address any specific issues relevant to the company needs.

Manage efficiency at a glance

As a company grows it can be tricky to find the time to keep up with HR matters and monitor the efficiency of departments and employees. HR software solutions allow for management to see such data collated and presented in a straightforward manner wherever they may be. Using HR software to help a small business grow can be a huge help in ensuring maximum efficiency from departments and professionals across the board.

GoFundMe Campaign: Help My Friend & His Family Overcome His Multiple Sclerosis

Posted on February 10, 2015
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go fund me dm

Be it your blog, your work charities, your LinkedIn article posts, your twitter, your fb, anything and every way you can …. by sharing to help my dear friend, Curt Wojtalewicz, who has done more for my family than I can list- he’s family and their family is loved … and after seeing him in the hospital and seeing his intense suffering I cant tell you it shattered me as a human being that someone so profoundly good was laying in bed barely able to move his hand to grab mine. His eye his patched due to double vision, his hearing is lost on one side. He has his job … for now, and as a pastor his salary could not sustain his family and home should he lose his job if another episode occurs, which is likely.

This is a rare opportunity to approach my network on behalf of very personal outreach of a name and a face I know too well, not an abstract story of a family in need. They have done so much to support the homeless, families suffering their own medical and emotional trauma, esp. those who lost a child in suicides, building shelters for orphanages and abused children – even a Community Garden to feel the hungry … this is the story of a friend to thousands but who is too humble to ask on his own behalf

Feel free to share this campaign with anyone who would like to support his family with our GoFundMe campaign!

Curt Wojtalewicz has been involved with education since 1995.

During that time he has worked as a teacher in elementary, middle school and high school. While teaching he has also served as a principal, vice-principal, science department chair, liaison between the school and a professional staff of doctors with the goal of reaching children with learning difficulties. Seven years of Curt’s experience was working for a start-up International Baccalaureate School.

He attended Fuller Theological Seminary where he earned a Masters in Theology. He also attended National University where he worked on his Masters in Education degree and his Teaching Credential. His undergraduate experience includes a Bachelor’s in Geography from California State University of Fullerton.

Curt was given three months before he would be bound to a wheelchair and told he would die very soon after the three months. The reason for such a prognosis was the incurable disease Multiple Sclerosis. Curt progressed to the most advanced form of the disease, Primary Progressive. He was referred to another neurologist who gave him the same prognosis.

He is currently the Headmaster and Pastor who regularly contributes his duties include weekend services, sports camp, VBS, parenting classes, counseling and more.

Recently, Curt has had an MS Relapse which has put him in the hospital. There has been a new MS lesion that has been found in his brain stem. We are grateful to know that there is Grace in his recovery process. Doctors are speaking Life and Hope into his situation. His neurologist has been extremely thorough with testing and conversations. We are praying for breakthrough and complete healing sooner than later. We are also praying for this lesion to miraculously be gone.

With circumstances like these, there are so many people helping with meals, cleaning and groceries. So many of you have been asking, “How can we help?” People want to do SOMETHING for this really great person and his beautiful family. One thing is to consider GIVING any sort of donation that will help his family with medical expenses, rehab, etc. Anything from $1 and up is appreciated! One of the biggest times you can make a difference is through COMMUNITY!

Anyone who knows Curt whether it is seeing him on just a Sunday morning, or in any other atmosphere knows that he shines a light so bright with a heart so big.

Thank you for your consideration
and may God Bless your efforts!”

PS: All credit due Cecilia Schilhab for initiating this effort on behalf of our friend

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