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Dave Mendoza serves as a senior Global Talent Strategy Consultant at informatica. The talent strategy architecture directly based upon his deliverables earned a 2011 ONREC “Excellence in Sourcing Innovation” Award in addition to “Most Strategic Use of Technology” Award at the ERE Expo 2011 Recruiting Excellence Awards. Recently Informatica, earned two more nominations on the finalist slate for the upcoming ERE Expo 2012 conference, “Recruiting Department/Function of the Year” and “Most Strategic Use of Technology.”

In addition, Dave’s client, Informatica received its 4th conference recognition within the past 12 months; making the shortlist for 3 Onrec Awards 2012. Dave was specifically recognized as a finalist as Best Corporate Use of Online Recruitment Award – Multi-National, and Personality of the Year Award.

As a global speaker Dave presented at the World HRD Congress in Mumbai, India in February 2012 and as a keynote Speaker on behalf of AIMS International in Madrid in December 2011. In addition, in June 2011, he was the featured Keynote Speaker at Paperjam’s Business Club in Luxembourg and led a Discussion group on behalf of Otys France in Paris on the topic of creating Corporate Staffing Knowledge Libraries and related automation and retention. In the past 12 months, Dave has or will, have consulted, spoken or trained audiences in France, India, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Singapore, & United Kingdom.

ERE Recruiting Excellence Award, “Most Strategic Use of Technology”

SAN DIEGO, April 5, 2011/ — The talent strategy architecture directly based upon the consulting contributions of social recruiting architect, Dave Mendoza recently took home the “Most Strategic Use of Technology” Award at the ERE Expo 2011 Recruiting Excellence Awards. Awarded on the basis of the strategic architecture that combined competitive intelligence mapping with knowledge management systems, said Mendoza of the solution: ”The research-oriented product was made actionable, as a plug-and-play resource for our talent acquisition team to access sourcing syntax which could adopt and refine itself in progressive updates.”

Given each year at the ERE Spring Expo in San Diego, the Recruiting Excellence Awards are given to companies who demonstrate innovative recruiting campaigns. ERE Media holds a yearly global competition aimed at identifying the best “next practices” in recruiting. Each year, ERE receives hundreds of applications in eight recruiting program categories from well-known organizations like Microsoft, IBM, Ernst & Young, Intuit, Accenture, GE, and Yahoo!

His client’s Vice President of Talent Acquisition was on hand to accept the award, stating “Dave has opened doors to not only revolutionary ways of talent mapping through competitive intelligence that is immediately actionable, but I have likewise been able to harness his enormous database of industry contacts to produce cost cutting, value-enhanced access to new tool sets and job boards. I readily predict this is a first of several industry recognitions for our corporation and for Dave directly as one of the leading talent strategist consultants of our times.

Dave Mendoza, Principal of “Dave Mendoza & Associates, Inc.” is an award winning Journalist blogger, global speaker and sourcing consultant. He has served previously as an Adjunct Faculty member at, and as corporate partner to Dave was recognized as 2008 “Person of the Year” by and Recruiting Radioshow. . In 2010, he was recognized by HRExaminer’s Top 25 Most Influential Online Recruiters and Top 25 Online Influencers in Talent Management.

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Dave Mendoza & Associates, Inc.
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Dave Mendoza has been at the forefront of emphasizing competitive intelligence (CI) mapping and how it can translate findings into actionable sourcing channels. He developed a system whereby CI findings are cataloged into a streamlined and simplified library that can be easily shared with stakeholders to act as a decision making aid. Together with his Client, he has developed an intuitive approach that combines CI with subject matter expertise in critical candidate specializations into a knowledge management system that facilitates novice recruiters to quickly adapt and produce output matching the proficiency level of experienced veterans. The outcome is a solution to a common industry ailment, a repository of data that retains the intellectual property of the organization’s recruiters as a process and as an output, regardless of staff reorganization.

Talent Acquisition Summary of Award Winning Research – The Differentiator:

  • Talent mapping key influencers within social media – blogs, niche forums, communities etc , product aligned, competitive intel, into a unique format he formulated into a “Talent Knowledge Library.”
  • Essentially it avoids recreating the wheel with each new recruiter/sourcer by developing a one stop for all data pertaining to key top forecasted positions, the manner in which they were sourcered – to allow a fluid retention of the sourcing processes which successfully led to hiring outcomes. Recruiters come and go but our innovative method allows a talent org to retain their knowledge, and share it globally within their Talent Acquisition Management organization.
  • “The outcome is a solution to a common industry ailment, a repository of data that retains the intellectual property of the organization’s recruiters as a process and as an output, regardless of staff reorganization.”

  • His recruitment blog “Six Degrees from Dave, spotlights Talent Acquisition industry leaders, sourcing gurus, global staffing best practices and social networking. Through their stories, he spotlights global staffing practices, leading-edge sourcing techniques and best practices. It has been honored with 3 awards:’s “Best Overall Recruitment Blog of 2007” & “Best Recruitment Industry Blog of 2007, and HireAbility’s “Best Recruitment Blog of 2007.” Dave’s blog was listed #3 out of 25 of the best blogs of 2007 by His site also received most votes for Best Recruitment blog of 2006 at


    My first name initial is “L.” A friend once remarked El Dave should be accompanied by a strumming and dramatic acoustic guitar reminiscent of Desperado, hence the moniker.

    Born in the East Coast and raised in Orange County, California I resided in Irvine, CA for the last 6 years. Thanks to the continued “Virtual Office” granted by my clients, the Mendoza clan relocated to the family-friendly locale of Castle Rock, Colorado following the birth of our daughter.

    My wife, Heidi is a native of Finland and recently earned her citizenship to the U.S. We are the proud parents to two wonderful children: our son Valentino, (Tino) 20 years old, and our 6 year old daughter, Siena Blue. As Dog lovers, we support animal shelter causes and add sound effects and love to our own home with three dogs, an Australian Shepard named “Thatcher” and our two Pomeranians, “Reagan” & “Nala” and our newest family addition, “Churchill” the cat.