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As an advertiser on “Six Degrees from Dave” , you will have an established brand within the recruitment blogosphere. It received the most popular votes in the most recent Recruitment blog Awards of 2006 at

Your sponsorship will assist on behalf of site maintenance and development, charitable work which Six Degrees contributes in the promotion and organization of fundraisers, in addition to its ongoing advocacy support of blogging, networking, and evangelizing advanced sourcing methodologies for passive talent. You can reference my most recent activities in behalf of and ERE Foundation, both recognized children’s charities in which I have partnered with to publicize and promote on behalf of our charity special events extensively. The appeal from a marketing view point is ideal for companies which desire a broader impact within the recruitment community.

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My recruitment blog “Six Degrees from Dave” , was voted most popular Recruitment blog of 2006 at My blog spotlights Industry leaders, sourcing mavens, and unique technologies, ‘with behind the scene views on insider happenings within the industry. I evangelize Social Networking/Guerrilla Sourcing in pursuit of Passive Talent Relationships as proactive remedy to meet pipeline demands.In less than 4 months, my blog exceeded 36,000 page views to become one of the fastest growing audiences in the recruitment blogosphere. I am a Partner at Shally Steckerl’s JobMachine, the industry’s foremost provider of Advanced Sourcing Methodologies and Central Sourcing Architecture solutions. I provided an Audio presentation on behalf of T-Mobile’s staffing organization and I trained Dell’s recruitment organization on Advanced sourcing Techniques at its first Talent Acquisition Academy. I am serving as the Moderator for a Three Part Series on Blogging for Talent, Branding and Web 2.0 Relationships. “The evolution of Social Networking for the Passive Talent Masses, Guerrilla Sourcing to Mainstream Relationships.” I am scheduled to present at both Kennedy Expo (“A Sourcing Guru’s Guide To Hacking Linkedin”) in Las Vegas and ERE in San Diego as a Trainer on Advanced Sourcing.

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