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Pass It Forward – Spread the Job Seeker Experience Survey

The Link: Gerry Crispin alerted me to the work of an Intern to Shaker Consulting Group in Cleveland, Ohio a few weeks ago. Joe Murphy, a principal of that firm. Shaker Consulting Group developed an excellent survey of 29 questions that delves into the details of what a candidate might reasonably ‘expect’ from an […]

Join A Worthy Cause: The Disability Candidate Experience

This article was originally featured on ERE I feel so lucky that I am still working after 27 years with it and love every day I am alive. Jon Gundersgaard Yesterday, I featured an interview of Jon Gundersgaard, a thirty year veteran of the HR/Staffing Industry. Jon’s compelling life story as someone who was diagnosed […]

ERE Expo DC: Gerry Crispin’s Panel, “Meet Your Job Candidates”

By Dave Mendoza, MasterCybersleuth, Affiliate Partner, JobMachine, Inc. (720) 733-2022 Blog, “The CareerXroads Annex” Linkedin Profile Client List ERE Expo Blog Reports: ERE Thursday -10am – Disney ERE – Thursday – 9am Everyone who reads SixDegrees… knows I am a huge fan of Gerry Crispin, Chief Navigator at CAREERXROADS He has been a personal mentor […]