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Did you know that Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra broke up after two long years of marriage? Who would ever have imagined these two wouldn’t grow old together and rock on their porch swing speaking of days gone by? I ask if you knew because Carmen is sad. Yes I know she’s a lovely young […]

JIM STROUD PODCAST – “Who’s Afraid of The Blogging Wolf?”

There is a core of fellow recruitment brethen who follow the golden rule and build each other up because we believe in each other’s contributions, and in the importance of developing meaningful Social Relationship Networks. Above all we believe in the cause itself. Perhaps SRN is simply about friendships some would say, – true, — […]

El Dave Meets “The Recruiting Life”

Apparantly, I have joined distinguished alums like Jason Davis as a fellow moonlighting consultant at Geektech. Jim Stroud, as many of you know, runs one of the hippest and tech savvy sites in the recruiting blogosphere. I want to thank Jim Stroud for giving my son, Tino, something to show his friends. The link has […]

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