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Tiger Mother Rearing For Success?

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DEAR MINIMUM WAGE WORKER STRIKING FOR $15 an hour, I would support your cause for one week of pay at this wage if you promise to take an ECONOMICS 101 course to learn about supply and demand and diminishing returns. You see there are consequences for dropping out of high school, being in prison, and […]

Chevy Volt – Building A Better Tomorrow with Your Tax Dollars

Inbound Recruiter AMAZON Book Launch!

My colleague, Brian Kevin Johnston (Inbound Recruiter) sent me an advanced copy of his book “Headhunter and Headhunted, How to Get Your Product or Service Sold Online”, and it launched yesterday.

Conan’s View of The American Military After Obama’s Trillion Dollar Cuts to Defense Spending

Neil Cavuto Debates – What About The 51 Who Pay No Taxes

Anthony Bourdain on Exotic Foods on Colbert Report

Six Degrees & Pensive: Music Is What feelings Sound Like

Six Degrees is Back and in a pensive mood.Spending 23 hours on a plane gives you a lot of time to ponder. Not all bad, not all good and a lot in between. It’s a big world, a beautiful world and a lot of wonderful people. Many make the most of very difficult situations and […]

Paperjam Interviews Dave Mendoza, “Talent Mapping & Knowledge Library IP Development”

Rick Santelli Slams CNBC Panelists for Spinning Jobs Report

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