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Posted on October 16, 2007
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By Dave Mendoza, MasterCybersleuth, Affiliate Partner, JobMachine, Inc.
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Bill Bargas, Co-founder and Director of Sales & Marketing at, has a soft heart for charities. He has embraced ERE Foundation worthy causes as a sponsor. He also has a knack for a challenge and he has called one out today.

“There are some folks on ERE’s forums mentioning how they intend to win the poker tournament this week, on Thursday, 10/18 at ERE EXPO in Washington DC. I accept their challenge and have formed a poker team to take “it” to them.”

The team consists of Bill, and as of yet discovered, card shark, to carry the torch or pull one away from veteran poker legend, Jason Davis, founder at, and I let Bill know I will announce that to all interested charity do-gooders who so happen to be good bluffers and have practice pulling chips in towards there chest at the end of rounds ….. that Team Diversity is accepting champion prospects.

You can reach Bill directly at and join up today. Applications for Team Diversity sponsored players are being accepted until midnight 10/17 Wednesday.

If you see Bill at ERE, pull him aside and let him know with a grin and a wink that you have gumption to battle Jason Davis and perennial second placer, Neal Bruce, VP, Global Innovation Group at Monster

Little do all of these individuals know that Perennial “Accidental Winner of Single Hands”, Wunderkind, Dave Mendoza, will show his beguiling clueless look at the Charity Poker event to yet again pull victory from the Twilight Zone and then get up and head for the salsa and chips with a yawn and a smile. Ethan Bloomfield and JobTarget know they have their sponsorship well invested in the Spaniard who trains in a confused sweat on the airplane before every game. (I came in third last time, I still don’t know how I did it … but trust me it was very cool.)


Bill is planning a major revamp of in ’08. The company is seeking your ideas and recommendations for designing a new site with newer, in-demand service offerings for employers and job seekers.

Here’s his offer. Please share your thoughts with now through Thursday 10/18/07 and they will award a “chair” at the ERE EXPO Charity Poker Event to the person with either the best set of ideas and/or whose comments get the highest praise from others on JobBoarders. The “catch” is you have to be at the event to receive the prize.

Runner ups will receive a set of Bongo Drums … Yep, every job boarder should have a set – great way to relieve frustrations at the end of the day.

All comments will be appreciated but here are a few questions Bill would like to have addressed if possible:

1: If there were no diversity niche job boards were would employers advertise?

2: If paying for specific job positions were eliminated would employers buy annual unlimited posting/resume search memberships?

3:We think retaining resumes are more liability than worth..we think offering social networking would be better?

4: Diversity is no longer the code word for racial uniqueness..we live in a multi-cultural universe. Employers who are still seeking “minority” applicants cause me severe headaches! These companies are truly lost souls. What are some ways to attract a broader base of multi-cultural,ability and life style job seekers?

5: We think there is a market for diversity recruiting in the UK and Canada. Do you?

6: The new will need sources of income to survive : what services should we offer to help keep the lights on!

7: If you were charged with finding the right web designer who would it be? why?


Bill Bargas is Co-founder and Director of Sales & Marketing at jobs. was founded in 1994,as a ‘best in class’ recruitment advertising and diversity branding platform. It is a 100% minority owned and their operations are managed by a diverse staff of human resources professionals. The site has become a leading provider of diversity recruitment job postings, corporate culture branding, career networking and executive recruitment services nationwide.

It has developed a substantial reputation as America’s most trusted source for recruiting job seekers from diverse ethnic cultures, life styles, life stages, creative persuasions, abilities, religious affiliations and gender. .

Bill leads the company from its corporate offices located in Blairsville,Ga. with field offices in Atlanta, GA., & Raleigh, NC.’s premier job posting service – Prestige Career Jobs- provides a trusted method for recruiting the best and brightest job seekers. Each day, thousands of talented men and women use the website’s free job search services to discover new and challenging career opportunities.

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