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ERE Charity Poker Event – JobTarget Assembles It’s Team to Face 2X Champion, Jason Davis

Posted on September 26, 2007
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By Dave Mendoza, MasterCybersleuth

ERE’s East coast Expo in Washington DC is a just 21 days away and Ethan Bloomfield, VP, Sales Operations at JobTarget is very exited about this event.

The second Annual Charity Poker Tournament and Annual Charity Auction, will be held October 17 – 19, 2007, at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington DC. The two charity events are a unique way for members of the recruitment community; i.e. thought leaders, staffing peers, sponsors/vendors to get together, compete and bid, and do so in honor of children and education.

As you may know Jason Davis has won the Annual Charity Poker Tourney for the past two years – edging out Neal Bruce from Monster both times.

Ethan Bloomfield has been training – working hard to master his Bluffing and Ante calling skills at Texas Hold-em – watching lots of ESPN2 reruns of the World Series of Poker – he even played in a qualifier for the WSOP in Vegas. He claims to be ready to finally unseat 2x champion, Jason Davis, founder of and He is determined not to let Davis walk out a three time winner this year… henceforth, he pulled all the stops, enlisting JobTarget’s sponsorship to assemble a team full fo grit and splendor to match his commitment:

1. Gerry Crispin
2. Dave Mendoza
3. Ethan BloomfieldJobTarget
4. Greg Carkhuff – HRD Press (

JobTarget OneClick joins a list of distinguished ERE charity event sponsor:

Zoom Info
Monster (Neal Bruce) (Jason Davis)
Yahoo! HotJobs
Job Central

All of the proceeds from this event benefit the ERE Foundation


The ERE Foundation supports education and literacy programs that provide underprivileged young people with the skills they need for future careers all over the world. David Manaster, ERE’s Founder, established the Foundation as “an opportunity for the collective recruiting community to focus less on making another dollar, and more how we can work together to help others.” As a member of ERE’s recruiting and business professional community, I strongly support ERE’s commitment to helping to offer thousands of people career opportunities by starting early – finding kids who need educational assistance and giving them a better chance at eventually getting one of those offers themselves.

The ERE Foundation has already donated $10,000 to Teach for America (which supports education in underserved areas) and $10,000 to the American Refugee Committee (which has been directed toward literacy, school-building, and education in Sudan).


To learn how JobTarget can assist your organization, contact Ethan Bloomfield, VP, Sales Operations at 1-888-575-WORK ext. 321 to discuss their Products/Services.

JobTarget is the nation’s largest provider of third-party career services software for associations and independent job board operators, powering more than 1000 custom-designed job boards. Since 2001, when the company signed its first partner, they have added nearly 1,000 career sites to our network. JobTarget’s partner retention rate is more than 99%, and all our products and services are backed by a five-star customer service guarantee. Whether you are interested in our complete career site technology, or simply want to enhance your own career site, JobTarget has a suite of services to meet your needs. They offer state-of-the-art career site technology, comprehensive site management, customer service, and back office and technology support to hundreds of local, state, national, and global organizations. Their partners are professional and trade associations, newspapers, publishers, magazines, chambers of commerce, government agencies, recruitment firms, corporations, independent job boards, and entrepreneurs, and our partner list continues to diversify and grow. Partners can take advantage of their relationships with more than 100,000 employers, their dedicated sales and marketing teams, and an expanding online network that receives 30-50 million page views per month.

* JobTarget powers more than 1,000 Career Sites
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* JobTarget’s network of job boards receives about 30,000 new job postings per month
* JobTarget’s network of job boards receives millions of Candidates searching for jobs on our sites.
* JobTarget’s network of job boards receives 30-50,000,000 page views per month

JobTarget’s OneClick Network (
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** NOTE: Jason Davis states that there was room for up to two more sponsor companies. If you are exhibiting this year – you will thoroughly enjoy this event. Email Jason Davis for additional information

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2 Responses to “ERE Charity Poker Event – JobTarget Assembles It’s Team to Face 2X Champion, Jason Davis”

  1. Jeremy Langhans on September 29th, 2007 11:11 am

    good luck guys!!

    i will be playing for team sourcecon & am coming off my win in atlanta… so watch out! =)


  2. Leslie O'Connor on September 30th, 2007 6:03 am

    Team SourceCon will definitely be the one to beat. The combination of Jeremy and Jerrod (The J Team)are both coming off of recent circuit wins. They intend to keep their streaks rolling and are hungry to add yet another title to their respective arsenals.