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ERE EXPO RECAP: Best Practices Shared & $40,000 Raised For Children’s Charity

Posted on October 25, 2007
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By Dave Mendoza, MasterCybersleuth, Affiliate Partner, JobMachine, Inc.
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Thank you to Bill Bargas and Ethan Bloomberg JobTarget for supporting sixdegrees at the ERE events this past week and additional thanks to ZoomInfo for their continued support of ERE Foundation and our efforts at Sixdegrees.

I am happy to report that ERE Fall in Washington DC last week, Oct. 17-19, 2007, was exceptional. For all those who set their budgets for conference season, ERE Expo is a must. I had an opportunity to learn from, exchange ideas with, and dine with some of the top Thought leaders in the industry in the hall ways, conference rooms, and after hours of the event.

Recruiting. Talent management. Process improvement. This recruiting conference delivers it all.

Now in its seventh year, the ERE Expo conference series has helped thousands of corporations develop and sustain world-class, industry-leading recruitment and staffing functions and gained a reputation for outstanding speakers, a world-class agenda, and outstanding networking opportunities for recruitment and HR executives from global corporations.

ERE Expo 2007 Fall in Washington, D.C., explored a broad range of issues including managing relationships with hiring managers, aggressive recruiting, the recruiter’s guide to navigating corporate politics, recruitment process outsourcing, onboarding, and other topics that are affecting the global recruiting industry.

From Starbucks and Microsoft to Disney and Dell, the ERE Expo has assembled the industry’s leading speakers who can help attendees stay ahead of the competition and learn about the newest technologies and trends.

More than 20 cutting-edge sessions and workshops to keep your recruiting skills sharp. Thursday morning kicked off with a bang as Jim Larranaga, head basketball coach at George Mason University — who shocked the country in 2006 by leading the first small school in 27 years to the NCAA Final Four – shares his secrets of success through eight simple steps to recruiting and retaining talented people.

I particularly found Microsoft Staffing Manager, Kevin Stakelum, delivered an exceptional presentation, “Managing Recruiters Remotely” It was a timely and informative event. He offered suggestions, on determining whether a staffing organization should diversity the geographic locations of their recruiting workforce.

In addition, I heard an insider’s view as to how — in a very short time — the team at Disney has accomplished what some companies take decades to achieve. Anne Ceruti, presented, as the Disney VP who leads recruitment for corporate professional hires, campus relations, enterprise recruiting-technology implementations, and the upcoming re-launch of Disney career portals.

An exciting addition to their lineup was ERE’snew “Meet The Candidates” panel, where you will have an opportunity to hear the personal and professional goals of today’s top MBA students. Moderated by Gerry Crispin, this panel will give you a unique insight from today’s cream-of-the-crop candidates. From a trilingual investment-banking student who has visited 15 Chinese companies, to the president of the International Business Association who hopes to secure a consulting job, and many more, the panel offered an honest account of what today’s stellar candidates are thinking and what they really want from your companies.

Their next event, ERE Expo 2008 Spring, is in San Diego on March 31 – April 2, 2008.

Leading recruiters and staffing executives in our industry gain access to a daily exchange of best practices, blog articles and social networking aspects on ERE.NET and it is a pleasure to meet each of you I correspond with on ERE at the Expo twice a year.

It is also worthy to underline the achievements of its Charity arm, ERE Foundation. Dave Manaster, ERE CEO, has had a deeply sincere passion for this children’s charity and he has succeeded yet again with Jason Davis, Founder of and to develop a series of charitable events that are memorable and unique. At each of the last ERE Expo events, sponsored poker tournaments have been organized to raise funds for children’s causes. Dave Manaster has covered all the costs for the tournaments taking place at ERE conferences so that all of the money raised goes to the foundation. To date, nearly $40,000 has been donated to ERE foundation and

Jason Davis spearheaded an initiative to create buzz and direct sponsorship from the Staffing Industry’s leading vendor technology, job boards, and consulting companies – creating a substantive organizational capability where none existed before to involve industry players in extraordinary events benefiting our industry in a manner without comparison in scope or ambition.

I want to take this opportunity to thank each of the following companies for going the extra mile to give back to the Staffing Industry so generously and consistently:

ERE Media

See you all in San Diego.

PS: Yes Jason Davis won yet again, his 4th win at a Poker Tourney he organized. And yes I accidentally managed to get to the final table of champions yet again. Sometime soon Jason will give me a play by play on how I managed to do so. Good times.

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