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Frank Mulligan, ERE Global Amsterdam: “China’s War For Talent”

Posted on December 2, 2007
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By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, an Affiliate Partner, JobMachine Inc. (720) 733-2022

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Frank Mulligan is the China Director for Accetis International and the founder of Talent Software, Inc. Frank specializes in Executive Search, Staff and Candidate Assessment & Testing, Staffing Metrics.

Headquartered in Paris, Accetis International is an executive search firm with a network of nine offices in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Talent Software, Inc. is a Shanghai-based HR outsourcing provider which Frank built up using China’s first bilingual ATS and testing solution. He has lived in China for over ten years in both Beijing and Shanghai, Before starting Talent Software, Inc., Frank was the Chief Representative of Norman Broadbent Executive Search in China, 1st Secretary (Commercial for the Irish Embassy in Beijing and Strategic Planning Manager, Siemens, Ltd. China.

Frank operates two blogs and an online TV programme that he hosts. Visit Talent Software Blog and “ERE’s Talent in China” for additional information and expert specialization on all things related to China’s complex business, social and staffing infrastructures.

ERE GLOBAL AMSTERDAM: “China’s War For Talent – How hiring moved from tactical to strategic as HR was forced to watch from sidelines”

Frank Mulligan’s decade of expertise working in China in both Beijing and Shanghai gives him a unique and unparalleled perspective in the fields of Executive Search, Staff and Candidate Assessment & Testing, Staffing Metrics and business development. Moreover, Frank has been at the cutting edge of staffing industry trends, operating two blogs and an online TV programme that he hosts. Over the last two years we have communicated, I have been impressed by his broad knowledge of China’s complex business, social and staffing infrastructures, but I must say, that having seen him present at ERE Global in Amsterdam in Fall, 2007 that I have become one of his biggest fans given his extraordinary ability to captivate an audience with breathtaking depth of information with a sense of style and entertaining demeanor. He is a well rounded educator, not simply a specialist with narrow interests. He has risen to prominence as a Thought Leader because he is trusted, well informed, and above all someone you would be honored to call a friend. I strongly recommend Frank’s services and I encourage him to take his presentation globally to educate a broader spectrum of industries that can benefit from his brilliant speaking ability.

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2 Responses to “Frank Mulligan, ERE Global Amsterdam: “China’s War For Talent””

  1. Frank on December 3rd, 2007 9:22 pm

    Thanks Dave. Nothing more embarrassing than seeing your own Ums, Ehs and Aahs! I didn’t even notice you videotaping. I thought you were taking a picture……


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