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GoFundMe Campaign: Help My Friend & His Family Overcome His Multiple Sclerosis

Posted on February 10, 2015
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Be it your blog, your work charities, your LinkedIn article posts, your twitter, your fb, anything and every way you can …. by sharing to help my dear friend, Curt Wojtalewicz, who has done more for my family than I can list- he’s family and their family is loved … and after seeing him in the hospital and seeing his intense suffering I cant tell you it shattered me as a human being that someone so profoundly good was laying in bed barely able to move his hand to grab mine. His eye his patched due to double vision, his hearing is lost on one side. He has his job … for now, and as a pastor his salary could not sustain his family and home should he lose his job if another episode occurs, which is likely.

This is a rare opportunity to approach my network on behalf of very personal outreach of a name and a face I know too well, not an abstract story of a family in need. They have done so much to support the homeless, families suffering their own medical and emotional trauma, esp. those who lost a child in suicides, building shelters for orphanages and abused children – even a Community Garden to feel the hungry … this is the story of a friend to thousands but who is too humble to ask on his own behalf

Feel free to share this campaign with anyone who would like to support his family with our GoFundMe campaign!

Curt Wojtalewicz has been involved with education since 1995.

During that time he has worked as a teacher in elementary, middle school and high school. While teaching he has also served as a principal, vice-principal, science department chair, liaison between the school and a professional staff of doctors with the goal of reaching children with learning difficulties. Seven years of Curt’s experience was working for a start-up International Baccalaureate School.

He attended Fuller Theological Seminary where he earned a Masters in Theology. He also attended National University where he worked on his Masters in Education degree and his Teaching Credential. His undergraduate experience includes a Bachelor’s in Geography from California State University of Fullerton.

Curt was given three months before he would be bound to a wheelchair and told he would die very soon after the three months. The reason for such a prognosis was the incurable disease Multiple Sclerosis. Curt progressed to the most advanced form of the disease, Primary Progressive. He was referred to another neurologist who gave him the same prognosis.

He is currently the Headmaster and Pastor who regularly contributes his duties include weekend services, sports camp, VBS, parenting classes, counseling and more.

Recently, Curt has had an MS Relapse which has put him in the hospital. There has been a new MS lesion that has been found in his brain stem. We are grateful to know that there is Grace in his recovery process. Doctors are speaking Life and Hope into his situation. His neurologist has been extremely thorough with testing and conversations. We are praying for breakthrough and complete healing sooner than later. We are also praying for this lesion to miraculously be gone.

With circumstances like these, there are so many people helping with meals, cleaning and groceries. So many of you have been asking, “How can we help?” People want to do SOMETHING for this really great person and his beautiful family. One thing is to consider GIVING any sort of donation that will help his family with medical expenses, rehab, etc. Anything from $1 and up is appreciated! One of the biggest times you can make a difference is through COMMUNITY!

Anyone who knows Curt whether it is seeing him on just a Sunday morning, or in any other atmosphere knows that he shines a light so bright with a heart so big.

Thank you for your consideration
and may God Bless your efforts!”

PS: All credit due Cecilia Schilhab for initiating this effort on behalf of our friend


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