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Immediate Job Opening for SEO Consultant

Posted on June 16, 2010
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SEO Consultant
ArbitaJobId: ARBRUSA166-768921
Job Location
Virtual, US – MN – Virtual

If you meet the strict requirements and can verify actual hands-on knowledge in the area of SEO, please email Shally

Job Description

Arbita SEO Consultants are responsible for analyzing the performance of our clients’ recruitment websites, and developing tactics to improve organic search performance. In addition, SEO Consultants are subject matter experts responsible for the identification, communication and implementation of Arbita Recruitment Marketing best practices for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).


1) Inform Account Managers of the tactics necessary to improve the performance of clients’ Websites. Provide actionable recommendations to improve the visibility and maximize site traffic of clients’ Websites in search engines and provide strategic traffic analysis for site enhancements.

2) Partner with Client Development Consultants to provide pre- and post-sale assessment of client needs and Website development tactics.

3) Provide on demand telephone consulting to Account Managers and Clients.

4) Provide detailed scoping documents for new business research opportunities and assist with project estimates

5) Contribute to the development of internal SEO technologies

6) Present SEO recommendations to internal/external clients


1) Provide analysis of Website performance using a range of traffic reporting tools, keyword research tools, and competitive analysis.

2) Analyze optimization tactics and make recommendations to improve the performance of client Websites.

3) Identify opportunities to improve the SEO platform and be part of cross-functional teams to drive the improvement.


1) Consulting with Arbita clients over the phone on primary keyword and geographic targeting for recruitment websites and social media campaigns.

2) Provide audit of clients’ website architecture to ensure the site is properly constructed to maximize search engine visibility.

3) Setting performance expectations for clients.

4) Review and assist with all aspects of client deliverables including keyword research, content and technical recommendations, reporting and link development

5) Working closely with Principal Consultants and Account Managers to develop search tactics for recruitment Websites.

6) Maintain and manage diagnostic work queues and time to complete requests within Arbita standards.

7) Assists in the development of scopes of work for the production search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns, based on the defined strategy for the client.

8) Manage page-based search campaigns and optimize dynamic keyword insertion to ensure maximum Return on Investment for clients’ search engine marketing spend

9) Manages most technical aspects of SEM projects including kickoff, requirements analysis, development, testing and launch. This includes the scheduling and review of deliverables for each of these steps.


4-Year College Degree (Business or Marketing preferred)

At least one year’s experience in technology and/or technical production with Web related projects with a search engine optimization component

To be successful in this position you must have the following:

+ Knowledge of Web analytics tools such Google Analytics and Omniture (HitBox & Site Catalyst) and WebTrends or similar

+ Fluency with keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Tools, WordTracker, KeywordDiscovery or similar

+ Familiarity with reputation management and automation tools such as Trakur, Google Alerts, and Hootsuite

+ Understanding of HTML and CSS

+ Experience with keyword and link analysis, link building

+ Ability to create comprehensive and detailed developer’s guides for SEO

+ Strong collaboration skills, particularly in working with third party vendors and/or client IT professionals to resolve technical issues.

+ Proficiency in time management and task prioritization working on multiple projects in a deadline-driven, customer facing environment

+ Keen interest in keeping abreast of new technologies as needed to ensure ongoing competitiveness in the search engine marketing space.
Job Salary
Salary commensurate with experience

About Arbita

Arbita is a true Web Recruiting Gateway. We provide businesses with online recruitment solutions through our Web-native technologies and the largest recruitment advertising network on the World Wide Web.

What Makes Us Unique?

We’re Web savvy: We understand the full power of the World Wide Web and leverage the synergy between our unique technologies and its dynamic strengths.

We’re innovative: We invented “Write Once, Post to ManySM”. This gives recruiters the ability to write a job ad once and have it sent to multiple sites rather than having to re-enter the job for each site.

Since our founders began posting client job openings on America Online in 1993, Arbita has been a pioneering business. By developing technology and services that harness the full power of the World Wide Web, we have grown steadily every year since our inception.


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