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JobMachine Exposed!

Posted on February 5, 2007
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By Shally Steckerl, Chief Cybersleuth, JobMachine
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Social Media Guru, James Durbin, exposes JobMachine in this hard hitting interview. Read it to find answers to these burning questions:

1) What is JobMachine? Can you give me a) JobMachine in 10 words or less, and b) A 30-second Elevator pitch?

2) What exactly does a sourcer do? Do you just find lists of candidates and hand them to companies? How is that different than what Jigsaw, ZoomInfo, or a list broker does?

3) So are you a sourcer, an outsourcer of sourcing, a trainer, a third-party recruiter, or a mixture? Do you see yourself competing with contigency contract firms or independent recruiters?

4) It is becoming more difficult to find top quality candidates. Everyone says their process is what matters, but they can’t all be true. Without using marketing speak, what is actually different about how you generate results?

5) Do you use any of the new Web 2.0 tools (blogs, social networking software, podcasts) to help you find people?

6) I’m a candidate and I know that recruiters want to contact me, not be contacted by me. Is this the same thing for sourcers? Would it help me to call you to get on your list?

7) How can I, as a candidate, improve my chances of getting “found” online by a sourcer?

8) What business results do you feel comfortable sharing with the audience (growth numbers, number of clients, big deals announced)?

9) What blogs do you regularly read, and how do you justify blogging instead of doing billable work? How much time do you spend a week blogging, and has it produced any results?

10) What is the most exciting technology that you see out there?

11) Give us two trends that affect corporate recruiting departments in North America.



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