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LINKEDIN DAY: Diane Hill, Yahoo!’s Recruiter for Recruiters Extraordinaire

Posted on April 25, 2007
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By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, JobMachine & Staffing Consultant

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Diane Hill-Koenig is a Talent Scout, not just any run of the mill recruiter, she has the distinction of being every staffing professional’s best friend. You see, Diane is a bona fide “Recruiter for Recruiters” at YAHOO! Her mission at Yahoo! Is to hire many staffing professionals, i.e. staffing managers, recruiters, sourcers, HR Managers,HR Directors, and HR Reps on behalf of Yahoo!’s human resources department. Yahoo!’s goal is to develop a state of the art staffing process, with an ambitious plan which will ultimately create a staffing environment in which all reqs would be open and closed within ten days. It’s a challenge well suited to Diane, one that highlights her ever growing popularity as Silicon Valley’s recruiting sweetheart.

Diane is a veteran recruiting superstar with over 11 years of Technical IT & Operations, Marketing , Finance/ Accounting and PSGA recruiting in Silicon Valley. She’s a Full cycle recruiter, be it sourcing, selling, interviewing, and closing candidates from entry level to VP’s – she’s done it all. Her Technical recruiting portfolio is diverse, with extensive experience in the Semiconductor, EDA , Internet, Software, Hardware industries. She was a full-timer at AMD, Sybase and Matrix until she ventured on her own as a contract recruiter over the past 7 years for Cadence Design Systems and Internet companies, most recently completing her assignment at GOOGLE overseeing sourcing efforts in the UK- London, Dublin Ireland, China, Brazil, Japan, Boston, Chicago, New York, California, Germany, Zurich and Israel. Today she is Yahoo’s newest golden girl. No stranger to nontraditional hours, she enjoys the option of a virtual office and serving her client’s need on-site, allowing her to enjoy her down time with her three children and husband Vincent, a Technical Sales Engineers for Sun MicroSystems.

Today is Diane’s birthday and we salute a colleague to be admired. Shally and I know Diane personally and I can say with conviction that few people are as enthusiastic, enjoyable to relate with, and as knowledgeable in her industry. Diane stands out because she care about her product and she cares about the people she recruits. Strong endorsement? You betcha.

Given it is her birthday, and recognizing it is a day often known for personal reflection, I asked her about her past year to which she smiled,

“It’s been a great ride to work for two of the world’s leading cutting edge technology companies, Google and Yahoo. Who ever thought you could make a living by knowing your peers? I have had the opportunity to run circles with some of the best Recruiters and Sourcers on a world wide level. Thanks to the recruiting yahoo groups and all those forums, my position rode on success from the help of all the terrific referrals. Yahoo has a great story to tell right now and I continue to help fill the staffing needs for Staffing Managers, Recruiters and HR across the board.”

What matters most is that you are respected by your peers, and if you read her endorsement testimonials, Diane is held on the shoulders and applauded by those who worked with her and know her. Here’s snapshot directly from her peers:

“Diane is a recruiters recruiter. She is professional, thorough, respectful, candid and pleasant to work with. I would say if you want the straight scoop and work with someone you know you can trust, Diane is one of the best in her field.” February 5, 2007
Maryellen O’Connell, Professional Placement Consultant, Volt

“I took over an International role supporting London, Dublin in addition to my domestic accountabilities and Diane was critical in my ability to successfully support my clients. Diane partners well with not only myself, but all of our team’s recruiters and quickly started turning up passive candidates that would have taken me much longer to find with all of the work on my desk. I would highly recommend Diane for any souring/recruitment role. She’s a pleasure to work with is a person you can depend on.” February 1, 2007
Rik Avalos, International PSG&A Recruiter, Google

“I have worked with Diane as a service provider for over a year and found that she is someone who gets things done! In all communication with Diane, she is prompt, thorough, energetic and enormously fun. She emanates energy and intelligence. Her approach is collaborative. She is intellectually curious, open to ideas, willing to share information while always moving toward her goal. She accomplishes more than most, taking on more and more and making it look easy. She is the call you will return first when facing a stack of messages.” December 5, 2006

Lorraine Ross, Partner, Sales, Microquest Corporation

“Diane is one of the more proficient sourcing and recruiting professionals I have met. She has the ability to switch gears in a seconds notice as well as source globally for a variety of skill sets. When you think of recruiter, Diane is the name that comes to mind as someone that “get’s it”.” September 5, 2006
Lance Mooney, Staffing Consultant, Honeywell

“I have worked with Diane on a couple of different occasions and she has been a real force in HR & Staffing. She is driven and is a very low maintenance employee. I would recommend Diane to anyone. She is one of the best in the Business.” January 11, 2006
Floyd Clark, Contract Recruiter, HP

You can connect with Diane directly and recommend a colleague or introduce yourself as “Yahoo worthy material” at – in fact, if you want to network with one of Silicon Valley’s best known recruiters I would strongly recommend you take a moment to send her a LinkedIn connection, by Simply Clicking Here.

Still hesitating? Aside from the fact that Yahoo! has the hippest Staffing Director, Talent Acquisition I have ever met in Carol Mahoney, and an equally impressive staff which I had the good fortune of meeting at their campus a few months ago, Diane offers this sincere salutation to her fellow peers: “I am always happy to help guide you to your dream job if you would like to connect.”

Dream Job?

Again, do you want to be one of those huge number of people Yahoo! is seeking for top notch HR Talent? Then send her a linkedin invite, give her a call, and above all, send your resume to:

Diane Hill
Talent Scout- Recruiter for Recruiters!
HR and Staffing Managers

How can you resist? I couldn’t, and I value her friendship; their huge campus in Sunnyvale is something to be experienced as well. I hope you have the opportunity to be introduced to Diane and the Yahoo! campus first hand. Perhaps it’s time you send her a resume and give Yahoo! a closer look? … unless you have a problem with fun?


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  1. Mike on April 26th, 2007 10:48 am

    It seems to me that URL for LinkedIn reconnection with Diane is wrong!
    It redirects me to reconnection with another person…


  2. The Recruiting Animal on April 27th, 2007 12:16 pm

    Oh, You Sexy Thang!…

    Yahoo’s Smiley Face Award Goes to Diane Hill. Diane recruits recruiters and according to Bull Doza she’s been around the block a few times but is still “enjoyable to relate with”. Diane is an attractive MOT (mother of three) but, tell me if I’m wr…