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Linkedin Day – Six Degrees Weekly Top Ten

Posted on April 5, 2008
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The value in my list is in the Criteria for selection: People I Personally Know & Admire. I’ve worked with/known personally/have verifiable impact on our industry. To connect with each of them is your value, inviting leaders and megastars in their craft.

INSTRUCTIONS: Log-in to Linkedin. Click the new green button, “Add Connections” located on the lower left sidebar menu of your homepage. (OR, if you are are an expert, try using the Mass Upload feature. Copy and create a CSV file to upload)

Please mention in your Invite Text that Dave Mendoza Recommended the invitation. It is courteous and appreciated.

This Week’s NEW Top Ten

Madeline Tarquino,
Russell Moon,
Traci Wicks,
Doug Ries,
Tim O’Connor,
Ben Yoskovitz,
Debbie Barden,
Mark O’Connor,
William Uranga,
Maren Hogan,

Last Weeks Top Ten + 1

Kate Bruener,
Kevin Plantan,
David Perry,
Carmen Hudson,
Pat Cronin,
Bill Graves,
Peter Heyer,
Martin Warren,
Horace Chai,
Molly Griffin,
Jennifer Hinkle,

Power Connectors Must Have’s:

*** Dave Mendoza,
*** Shally Steckerl,
*** Glenn Gutmacher,

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One Response to “Linkedin Day – Six Degrees Weekly Top Ten”

  1. Jonathan Lewis on April 7th, 2008 11:47 am

    To create a csv file that linkedin will parse correctly, you need to create an excel file with 3 columns with the following column headings.
    First Name
    Last Name
    E-mail Address

    Copy/Paste the info accordingly (or use Data, Text-to-Columns to split the columns up) and save as a csv file.

    You can then upload the file under Add Contacts, Import Contacts tab, Other Address Book button.