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Lou Adler Webinar, “Official Rules for Hiring Passive Candidates: Using ZoomInfo to Create Instant Networks” Nov 8th

Posted on November 5, 2007
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Lou Adler is the president of The Adler Group – a training, recruiting and consulting firm that helps companies hire more top talent by implementing performance-based hiring (www.adlerconcepts .com). His Amazon best-seller Hire With Your Head (John Wiley & Sons, 1997, 2002) introduced the performance-based hiring
and recruiting process. He has also produced an award-winning Nightingale Conant audio tape program, POWER Hiring: How to Find, Assess, Hire and Keep Great Talent (1998). Adler is a noted recruiting industry expert, national speaker, and columnist for a number of major recruiting Internet sites including, and Workforce magazine.

Hiring top performing passive candidates requires four big things:

  • First, and foremost, a great job. Without a great job, there’s no reason to call.
  • Second, a great network or lead generating method to identify top performers.
  • Third, a great hiring manager. Top people want to work with top managers.
  • Fourth, a great recruiter. Top performing passive candidates can afford to be selective about who they work with.

If you’ve been to any of Lou Adler’s workshops you know he can convert average recruiters into great recruiters and so-so job descriptions into great career opportunities. But even Lou Adler needs a source for leads, and when he has a tough executive search he turns to ZoomInfo first. He’ll show you how it’s done in this no-holds barred audio conference. If you want to get more great leads, convert these leads into your best candidates and get two or three more great referrals on each call, you won’t want to miss this audio conference. As Lou says, if you want to make more placements in 2008 you need to learn how to maximize the potential of every name in ZoomInfo.

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Who is ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo is a business information search engine that crawls the Business Web – the millions of company Websites, news feeds and other online sources – to identify company and people information which is then organized into fresh, comprehensive and objective profiles. ZoomInfo currently has profiles on 37 million people and over 3.5 million companies, and its search engine adds more than 20,000 new profiles every day.

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