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El Dave’s Six Degrees From Dave A Must-Read Blog
by Des Walsh on Mon 09 Oct 2006 11:08 AM EST
Dave Mendoza, aka ‘El Dave’, late of California and now of Colorado, is a recruiting specialist and one of the most enthusiastic bloggers and social networkers you could meet in a day’s march.

His Six Degrees From Dave blog is always an interesting and refreshing read.

And yes, I acknowledge that in a recent post he has praised the book I wrote with my friend Bill Vick, Happy About LinkedIn for Recruiting, so you could legitimately call this post a bit of an exchange of link love .

But anyone who has any interest in the business potential of blogging and how blogging and social networking interact should check out Six Degrees From Dave anyway. See for example the post Jim Durbin’s LinkedIn Story, showing how a path of enquiry through LinkedIn plus blogging generated significant financial rewards for a fellow recruiter of Jim’s. And while you are at it, check out the source of that post, Jim Durbin’s StlRecruiting which has a whole lot more information on business blogging at the coalface.