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Much Ado About Harry, The Recruiter Who Roared

Posted on August 8, 2007
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By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth

Harry didn’t take it laying down – he knew something more important was at stake in being banned from Facebook for utilizing their application to invite his address book to connect and network.

As someone who lives and breathes social networking as if it was oxygen, I want to take this opportunity to leave no ambiguity where I stand on social networking.

First, You don’t create an app to upload your contacts without announced limits and then punish the user for utilizing the tool exactly as specified. If you create it they will use it, and if you don’t like large uploads of contacts state the limit clearly and by utility tap it out during the processing of the data – no malice is involved, no nefarious conspiracy other than a fan of your social network wanting to shout out to the world that you have relevance in their hearts as the desired preference of choice among other social networks. Period. Harry was processing his address book to do YOU – Facebook – a favor.

Second, there is this crowd that seems to perch itself awaiting opportunities, like this circumstance, to divert the argument into the endless “Is it spam” debate or larger issues such as how recruiters are perceived overall. Wrong case study my friends.

Its not about sides – its about principles. Larger issues come to light:

Is It Networking If?

I subscribe with my whole being that those who argue that networking is about connecting with people you ALREADY know should keep to their Outlook address book and happily email as they please, and I respect that … it’s a matter of the platform. Social networking sites are “Ant Farms” as my buddy, Shally so precisely described it. Let the users formulate the activity within a set boundary and reflect the “open Source” ethos that is every day social activity. We don’t turn away a business card from a stranger because we don’t know him/her, and we don’t refuse a handshake without the awkwardness one would expect. The handshake/business card outreach in daily and common social activity is a perfect metaphor to whether we connect with a stranger online and build a new contact and relationship activity.

For those who subscribe to the alternative, we agree to disagree and you are my respected peers just the same.

About Harry, the unassuming troublemaker that wasn’t

Harry is actually the perfect case study to illustrate the justification for Social Networks and using their rules no less …. Facebook said he could upload his personal address book – PEOPLE HE ACTUALLY HAD A PRIOR RELATIONSHIP WITH – YES, THEY KNEW HARRY, that’s the bottom line. The Facebook app identified his own address book, their argument has no clothes. So for those who subscribeto Socil Networks as their personal “Outlook of already knowns” – he passed the smell test. NO spam to be found when its from a friend who simply invites you to connect, right?

And about this rebel, Harry Joiner: He is among one of the most well respected executive recruiters in this industry who has been repeatedly quoted in the wall street journal, who has the bankroll of placements to add legitimacy to his effectiveness behind his voice, and he is the consummate ‘super nice guy’/ ‘reach out and shake your hand’ phone caller and to have this prototype for social networking treated as disrespectfully as he was with such backfiring effect upon Facebook speaks volumes that recruiters are not merely the lil mice who have roared – we are keeping these new platforms for web 2.o honest.

It’s not the recruitment industry in question – it’s the business that failed its customer. Pure and simple.

Harry you elevated our industry last week, as you do in a daily basis, but this time you did it ever so loudly and articulately. We are indebted to you, and I for one salute you my friend.

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    Much Ado About Harry, The Recruiter Who Roared…