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New Customer Wins for CampaignerPro, Email Marketing Tool

Posted on October 23, 2007
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By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, A JobMachine Inc. Affiliate Partner.

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CampaignerPro is the online marketing tool I depend upon to develop passive talent relationships and heighten my clientele’s employment brand. Based upon my own personal experience, CampaignerPro has exceeded expectations in the administration and processing of my own contact database, be it passive talent relationship building exercises to benefit employment branding efforts or communicating announcements on behalf of itself. I have has experienced first-hand the remarkable ways Email Marketing 2.0 can impact response rates and customer communications. As a recruiter, I support multiple job families, niche environments and provide competitive direct sourcing; in each instance, my metrics are enhanced with the strong tracking data CampaignerPro provides. In addition, this tool allows recruiters to segment communications based upon a passive talent group’s specific usage environment to ensure the right message gets to the right group — increasing response and resume response by 15%! The options available from an employment branding perspective are broad:

automated and recurring scheduling, foolproof list segmentation, On-demand accessibility, ability to Build data-rich lists, Manageable opt-in status, Campaign targeting, Detailed reporting, and CRM data integration

It is likewise comforting to know it is a proven marketing solution to over 10,000 small, medium and large businesses use the Campaigner and CampaignerPro products to build profitable relationships with their customers.

Online, Email Marketing Tool, Campaigner announced that PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Transamerica, The Hartford, Phillips-Van Heusen, LinkedIn, and Nokia Canada have all selected CampaignerPro to power their email marketing campaigns.

CampaignerPro is web-based, self-serve software that allows marketers to create highly relevant, one-to-one email dialogues without the need for professional services and the pain of an internal IT project.

“We are thrilled to add these industry leaders to our growing customer list,” said Luc Vezina, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management for Campaigner. “We build software for professional marketers who want to communicate with precision and agility. Our customers have chosen to work with us because we make doing this easy and affordable.”

About Campaigner

Campaigner’s on-demand Campaigner products enable organizations to have highly personalized one-to-one email dialogue with their customers, measure how they respond, and analyze those responses to interact in a more intelligent, automated way — resulting in more profitable relationships. Campaigner partners with industry leaders including Salesforce, Comcast and Yahoo!; provides applications to companies such as Nokia, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Nielsen Media Research, AT&T, West49 and over 10,000 small and medium-sized businesses.

Campaigner is on the road with ‘Email Marketing 2.0: Strategies for a Web. 2.0 World’, an educational and informative seminar on building effective email programs, will be holding live email marketing seminars in New York October 30th and Philadelphia October 31st. The ‘Email Marketing 2.0: Strategies for a Web 2.0 World’ seminar is ideal for small to medium businesses looking to improve on their current email marketing strategies.

The seminar will teach email best practices, how to build effective programs, strategies for organically growing opt-in lists, effective segmentation of contact lists, automating lead nurturing programs and delivery optimization. Specifically, this seminar will address the strategies used to ensure that emails are targeted and customized, keeping customers engaged with relevant messaging so they open, read and respond to your emails.

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