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Recruiting Bloggers Site Launched!

Posted on October 18, 2006
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By Recruiting Animal

The Recruitosphere is going through a period of consolidation, isn’t it? And there’s a few ways to do this.

1. A Live Feed runs a ticker tape of all the recruiting blogs through one site. I have one on this site (below).

2. A Digg-style Live Feed lets readers sort the good from the bad themselves. This is the solution.

3. In a Categorized Live Feed the postings are sorted by blog or some other common factor. This is The Day i0n Recruiting solution.

4. In an ensemble of subject matter specialists the sorting is done in advance rather than online by the readers. This is the Recruiting Bloggers solution.

Recruiting Bloggers? Animal, what’s that? Well, from now on I will cross-post everything I do here to a new group blog called The Recruiting And it will behoove you to start reading me there. Yes friends, read-me-there where you can also enjoy the company of a number of geniuses, just like me.

So, go there now.

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One Response to “Recruiting Bloggers Site Launched!”

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