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See The Full Sourcing Enchilada in Boston Dec 6th

Posted on December 4, 2006
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by Shally Steckerl, Founder, JobMachine, Inc.

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I’m flying to Boston next week to speak at the AOEP event Dec. 6th called “Challenge of the Sourcing Sleuths.” Glenn, Krista and I will take the toughest requisitions from the audience and show them how to fill pipeline quickly via both Internet and phone sourcing techniques. We’re each going to be presenting different yet complementary approaches in a freestyle environment so there’s something for everyone covering a wide range of sourcing tools.

Most of you know Glenn as a blogger and one of the great masters of Internet Recruiting. Glenn is the Founder of, but you may not know that until recently I was his boss at Microsoft. Even before we joined Microsoft Glenn and I have a long history of collaboration, including co-developing content for Recruiting Online’s famous Self Paced Online Course.

Presenting with us will be Krista Bradford from Bradford Research. She may be new to blogging (check our her Investigative Recruiter blog) but with her illustrious career in investigative journalism she’s definitely not new to “CyberSleuthing.” Krista co-presented the Master Sourcing session with me at ERE in Florida this year.

This event won’t be televised or recorded so if you can make it to the area its worth the $40 (food/drinks included). Sound cheap? Well AOEP is a legitimate non-profit. They are doing this to benefit their membership not to sell you something. Click here to register


One Response to “See The Full Sourcing Enchilada in Boston Dec 6th”

  1. chris atkinson on December 6th, 2006 2:54 am

    Unfortunately, I cannot attend this key event. If I was in attendance, I would ask how a recruiter could fill a legitimate pipeline for these difficult fills: (1)Sr. niche engineer,(2) a top notch OO UI dev and (3)a hardcore C++/multithreaded server management engineer with either security, db,storage or similar focus experience.

    I have bought tools from JM before and actually met Shally at Google a few years ago. I forward all of his requests on linked-In.

    The event’s subject matter/technique is of keen interest at the moment and I will gladly donate $40 to AEOP for technical notes on the event or specific answers to my questions. My appreciation in advance.

    Happy Holidays,

    Chris Atkinson