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Shally’s Way: “New Zip Code Radius Search choices on LinkedIn!”

Posted on July 19, 2007
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By Shally Steckerl, Chief Cyberseluth, JobMachine Inc.

This is very exciting stuff… and you get it here first!

We’ve been limited in our ability to search for users geographically on LinkedIn. Internationally all we could do was select a country and search “country wide.” In the United States we were limited to a 50 mile radius, or what I like to call the “metropolitan area.” This was somewhat limiting when searching in spread-out areas like the San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, and Atlanta.
Now for the great news…
With tonights update if you are a paid subscriber to LinkedIn you can now choose if your search should include users that are 10, 25, 50 or 100 miles around your zip specified zip code. Perfect. Now I can include several neighboring towns if I choose do cast a wider net, or I can focus in on the “north side” or the “east side” of a larger city.
But the best part is that this includes Canada and the UK! That’s right! Its now possible to do a zip-code-by-radius search there as well!
Oh and one last thing… if you go to the “Your Network” page LinkedIn now shows that there are 12+ million users, instead of the 11+ million it was showing.
Actually, the number is fast approaching 14 million, and by the end of the summer by my estimates there will be 15 million!



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