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SixDegrees in Paris

Posted on July 21, 2008
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Yves Loiseau, CEO Otys France &

Directly following my workshop on Advanced Sourcing methodologies in Veenendal, Holland, I had a five hour drive with my good friend, Otys CEO, Jorrit Blok, directly to Paris for a 24 hour trip. Jorrit has been a committed sponsor of for each of the last two European tours. No one has invested financially with such generosity and commitment to ensuring an opportunity and a platform from which to extend the brand and the evangelism of our efforts at SixDegrees…

The featured event in Paris, “Talent Community Building Through Social Media” – elaborated upon an undeveloped medium in France at present. The audience was compromised of over 50 senior executives of France’s top newspapers, social networks, (esp. the virtues of Linkedin as a professional networking site) staffing technologies and agencies (La Figaro, TMP, Videao); all gathered together on a boat under the Eiffel Tower on the Seine River. The event was sponsored by the generous contributions of Otys, it’s French affiliates, and the Recruiting Community Europe (RCE) Conference.

I was exceptionally impressed with the ability of Yves Loiseau to organize the event in under three weeks. Laura Zijlstra helped orchestrate all the marketing elements. The event was a who’s who of French staffing elite in the industry and the catering and location were memorable as well. Yves and I coordinated furiously to the last two minutes prior to the event to translate the presentation into French for the screen backdrop. The questions and answer period was comprehensive to my pleasant surprise, given the peaked interest in the technologies and methods I elaborated upon. Yves introduced the session, followed by an insightful RCE perspective given by Keith Robinson, Vice President, Business Development prior to my commencing for the next hour on the featured topic.

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“America’s Proximity to work, living as compared to the world,” Viewing The Eiffel Tower from the Siene to underneath it in all it’s glory following my speech, and along the river again.


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