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Yakudo Taiko Drums Beat for Social Networks & Talent Blogs As The New Job Boards

Posted on August 19, 2006
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In the last two weeks I have seen a steady stream of media giving added credence to my report, “Integrating Branding, Online Methodologies & Corporate Functions,” a consolidated version of a series of proposals I developed last March at Freescale Semiconductor and which I recently presented to leadership in Phoenix on August 7th. Joel at Cheezhead and Shannon at Exceler8ion recently renewed attention to the growing influence of “Blogs and Online Communities as the Next Job Boards”. Talent bloggers have long before read the tea leaves and blurred the lines of prior conventional wisdom and it’s nice to see mainstream media suddenly paying attention.

An addition to my daily reads, special Thanks to Shannon at Exceler8ion for the lead on the theme I initially referenced to Joel Cheezman yesterday. She cites a most revealing quote:

Candidates and prospective employers are increasingly connecting in the blogosphere and popular Blogs are beginning to add job posting offerings for their readers. Blogs and Online Communities are becoming the new “niche job boards.”

“Social Networks and Blogs become key source for new media jobs”, an article from UK-based, Netmedia,reads as follows:

A shift has occurred in the recruitment strategies of UK companies looking to fill positions in New Media operations, specifically online marketing, digital media, web design and technical positions, according to new figures.

Recruitment web site Chinwag Jobs has found that organisations like Yahoo!, Amazon and the BBC, which employ high volumes of people in New Media operations, are moving away from traditional recruitment media in favour of “Niche Recruiting” channels to find candidates with the skills required for specific roles.

Latest figures from Chinwag Jobs show the volume of specialist vacancies advertised on its site has increased by 356% since January 2004 – and the growth is continuing. Results from a recent survey conducted by The Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) show a 28% increase in the number of companies using commercial jobs boards.

Sam Michel, Managing Director of Chinwag, said: “Specialist recruitment websites, social networks, community forums and blogs, are replacing the traditional channels as they get to the heart of the communities sought by employers. In fact 97% of recruiters advertising positions on Chinwag Jobs fill their vacancies with applicants from our site. I believe that this will spread as we see other sectors using these channels.”

The National Online Recruitment Audience Survey (NORAS) recently valued the online recruitment industry at £200m.

A recent IAB report which showed that marketing budgets continue to shift to online activities. The report confirmed a 65% increase in online advertising spend in the UK in the last 12 months.

Organisations have also reported other new trends in the way candidates find out about vacancies. Targeted placement in specialist online networks and blogs has also produced excellent results.

James Gould, Talent Acquisition Manager Europe for Yahoo!, said: “Filling new media vacancies has been traditionally difficult. It is crucial that we find people with the right skills and experience for very specific roles within the organisation. Chinwag Jobs provides a specialist service that really connects with this niche audience. It’s quickly become an essential part of Yahoo!’s recruitment strategy.”

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