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Sustainable Quality Control Engine: Building In-House Shared Services Function aligned to CRM

Posted on April 26, 2013
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Today’s Best Practice Shared as follows:
By Dave Mendoza


The key function of an operational, Shared Services organization is to both validate the data quality of existing CRM records originating from Talent Communities, assorted CV folders saved within desktops, cloud docs, and developer/forum relate Sites pertinent to lead generation, and Team generated records entered into a proposed CRM solution.

The Mission prerogative will initially focus on key pipeline streams:

An ongoing consolidation, validation, and import process of leads generated from job boards, events and other data points will be undertaken, consistent with a ‘one platform” strategy from which to make all leads searchable and accessible to TA team members. Pick your platform, shake and stir.

    Shared Services Team members will be known henceforth as “Researchers” – consistent with training and resources that will enable correct identification and entry of social data for each lead,
    Enhanced quality validation to ensure all form field, ‘white space’ is reconciled to ensure all records meet the standard of “completion”
    Ability to cross reference and build upon existing CRM lists, Job and talent pipeline lists, and competitive intelligence data to ensure proper categorization and maximum potential derived from search filters within CRM.
    Company & university record development
    RESULT: leads suspended in time warp by design – accessible regardless of employer, location & advancement in career

Team Composition:

    Recommend no less than 5 dedicated researchers. Each will be trained with advanced sourcing capabilities, directly relevant to their CRM Shared Services function.
    Recommend that they be off-site to ensure team members are not subject to other requests and dedicated to CRM related tasks.
    Recommend 3 out of 5 off-shore team members, ideally within the Western Hemisphere (Time Zone Management concerns) to reduce overhead
    Daily output quotas will be set forth dependent upon the origin of the data and amount of critical information missing from each record.



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