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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-21

Posted on October 21, 2011
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  • Gearing up for LinkedIn Talent Connect in Vegas! #Intalent – Looking forward to intros & handshakes! #
  • I hope to know in a few days whether I'll be attending @Onrec #
  • Job opportunity: Recruiting Manager for Nestle USA – Glen at Korn/Ferry Futurestep – Greater Los Angeles Area #jobs #
  • Who's attending Linkedin Talent Connect in Vegas this Monday? #
  • Class Warfare is a vile thing, to suggest envy is not a vice but worthy of demanding from others as directed by slogans. A 20th Century vir… #
  • Wish us luck, Informatica is a finalist in 3 categories at LinkedIn talent connect #
  • Also crossing fingers to learn if I'm a finalist from onrec awards …been a good year 🙂 #
  • Morning @animal ! #
  • Happy birthday to one of the brightest people I know, Sean REHDEr!!! #
  • I'm at Linkedin Talent Connect at the MGM Las Vegas #
  • Incredibly impressed with Linkedin Talent Connect Conference. 1800 attendees from top companies. Who's who #intalent #
  • At ROI session amex conversion from social went from 3percent to 13 in 1 year #
  • Suffering glutton … Amazing pool reception #
  • #intalent – wish linkedin announced ability to export ones network intact with location, number, tags & profile URL!!! #
  • #intalent still no ability to export linkedin recruiter profile folders as CSV ..why? #
  • #intalent I'd love unlimited inmails for enterprise wide talent acquisition .. Pretty please? #
  • Reid signals government jobs must take priority over private-sector jobs omg #
  • Lmaof @donramer #
  • RT @AugmentedResume: VMWare sent flip cams to hiring managers so they can make video job descriptions. Very cool! #
  • 40,000 views and 3 hires so far from@VMwareCareers video job descriptions done on flip cams &they are just getting started. #intalent #
  • Linkedin talent connect, Overall best conference attended but awards only 5 minutes, finalists not mentioned nor on stage should be 1st #
  • #
  • More fear Mongering less change #
  • Joe Biden threatens journalist thumps finger when caught lying then stands by rape comments omg #
  • Euro crisis struggles onward to weekend summit and less likely to gain consensus for solution to stabilize region #
  • @robhumphrey1 it was great to see u too let's touch based next week in reply to robhumphrey1 #
  • Mussolini style end – Footage shows Gaddafi's bloodied body via @youtube #
  • JOBLESS CLAIMS TOP 400,000 -'Under-employed' rate soars…'Misery Index' Rises Highest Since 1983 US Standard of Living Drops Sharply #
  • I'm going to #ONREC are you? #
  • If InMail via Linkedin Recruiter is legit intro, w/bkgrd – Y mark 'inappropriate'? UR polite enuff to ask in advance to connect! #
  • I'm seeking University Manager role to fill in Bay Area for Informatica. Must be local. Happy to take inquiries and help referring quality … #

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