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Unconference Videos now Online: Watch Shally’s Sustainable Sourcing Track

Posted on February 20, 2007
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THANK YOU Sean Rehder!
You are ‘da man!

Thanks to Sean all of the video summaries from the Talent Unconference are now up on the site and available for your viewing pleasure. Please visit to view them, and be sure to drop a line to Sean and the rest of the Unconference team for volunteering so much of their time in making this possible.

You can also check out the videos developed by Rehder Talent Logistics via YouTube.



Your comments on any of the topics would be much appreciated. Several people have already chimed in to present their views and thoughts on the good and bad that came from the Unconference. If you participate we can continue to leverage the momentum this event generated, and make a positive impact in our industry.

For example – do you have anything to add to the Sustainable Sourcing Track’s suggestions on how to obtain upper management buy-in, or on how to define a “good sourcer?”
Or can you add your valuable ideas on how to “reinvent the education system” or to the questions raised during the Big Pipe session?
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One Response to “Unconference Videos now Online: Watch Shally’s Sustainable Sourcing Track”

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