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ZoomInfo In The News

Posted on March 31, 2009
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Reaching SMBs Via Increased Insights & Contacts The Target Of ZoomInfo Data Upgrade
As powerhouse brands from financial services to manufacturing look to pare their operations, small to midsized firms are emerging as a big opportunity during the economic downturn. According to industry data, small businesses have created 60% to 80% of the net new jobs added since the mid-1990s. To address this sector, ZoomInfo recently unveiled enhancements to the SMB and midmarket company portion of the Waltham, MA-based company’s database of more than 45 million people and 5 million companies.
March 10, 2009
Microsoft and Zoominfo ink CRM integration deal

Microsoft has agreed to integrate Zoominfo’s business information search engine into its Dynamics CRM. The new feature is expected to help businesses identify fresh leads, expand intelligence on existing customers and create targeted sales campaigns. According to CSO Insights, the sale average rep spends 2 hours preparing, researching, servicing for every hour spent selling,’ Zoominfo president Sam Zales told IT Examiner. ‘Zoominfo’s strategic partnership with Microsoft Dynamics CRM as well as Sugar CRM and Salesforce makes sales teams more efficient by equipping them with information on 5 million companies and 45 million people right within their CRM system.

March 7, 2009
ZoomInfo Scores Deal With Microsoft To Integrate Search Into CRM

Leena Rao of TechCrunch provides an overview of ZoomInfo’s integration plans with Microsoft Dynamics. ZoomInfo’s search engine has proven to be a useful tool to incorporate into CRMs because its research capabilities help identify new sales leads, expand data on existing customers, create more qualified leads and provide a single data source to integrate sales and marketing teams. Sugar CRM and are also using ZoomInfo’s comprehensive search capabilities within their platforms.

March 3, 2009
ZoomInfo, Microsoft collaborate for integrating search into CRM

In collaboration with Microsoft, the business information search engine ZoomInfo will be amalgamating its wide-ranging search technology with Microsoft’s Dynamic CRM platform. The broad spectrum of the ZoomInfo search engine, which helps locating industries, companies and people, has already worked its way into a couple of other CRMs – Sugar CRM and SalesForce. com – and has proved its potential as a noteworthy source for a good business model.

BtoB Magazine
March 3, 2009
Zoominfo enhances SMB, midmarket b-to-b data

Business information provider Zoominfo has announced enhancements to its small-and-midsize company and midmarket data, with such additional details as company descriptions, revenue, number of employees, locations and other information on public, private and noncommercial organizations.
March 3, 2009
ZoomInfo Offers SMB Marketing, Sales Data

Nathan Eddy of eWeek discusses the news from ZoomInfo surrounding the enhanced company data. The new features gives SMB and midmarket company data that provides additional breadth of coverage and depth of insight — including descriptions, revenues, number of employees, locations and other information on public, private and non-commercial entities. Chip Terry of ZoomInfo and Tim Clark, a sales representative with the Tom James Company are quoted in the story.
March 3, 2009
Zoom Broadens Semantic Indexing Capacity

Zoom Information is finding more business potential in the semantic indexing capabilities behind its ZoomInfo business information search engine making its data broader, fresher and deeper. The company this week unveils a new service that helps sales representatives mine small and mid-sized business prospects — an increasingly coveted audience given the downturns in the fortunes of many bigger companies. Chip and William are quoted throughout the article.
January 23, 2009
Zales builds ZoomInfo by building customer service

Mass High Tech features an interview with Sam Zales in The Mover section of the publication. MHT reporter, Amber Gay provides detail on Sam’s background, experience and discuses his priorities for making ZoomInfo successful in a tough economic climate. “I want to help make sure the company remains customer focused and that we continue to listen to our customers,” said Sam Zales. “I also want to make this a great company for the employees.”

Selling Power
January 12, 2009
How Sales 2.0 Helps Sales Professionals Qualify Leads

Selling Power features ZoomInfo in an article that highlights the importance of using Sales 2.0 tools to make sales professionals productive. Chip Terry is quoted saying “Targeting qualified prospects (and avoiding those who aren’t likely to become customers) is particularly important during difficult economic times because there’s less room for error, according to Terry. “The more you know about a prospect, the more likely it is that you’ll sell to that prospect,” he points out.”
January 9, 2009
The Two Websites Every Job Seeker Needs to Join

Personal Management columnist, Meredith Levinson discusses the advantages to using ZoomInfo and Linked-in for finding a job and recommends claiming your profile. Author of Guerilla Marketing for Job Hunters and the blog Guerilla Job Hunting, David Perry highlights how important ZoomInfo is for the recruiting industry to find candidates. “The reason ZoomInfo is important is because every recruiter in America looks to ZoomInfo first if they’re looking for any information on an individual contributor.”

About ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is the most comprehensive source of business information on people and companies in the world. ZoomInfo is used by sales and marketing professionals to find leads, recruiters to uncover talent and by business professionals to find detailed information on people and companies. ZoomInfo’s semantic search engine gathers publicly-available information from the Business Web – millions of company websites, news feeds and other online sources – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, then automatically compiles it into easy-to-search and easy-to-read profiles. ZoomInfo currently has profiles on more than 45 million people and 5 million companies, and its search engine adds over 20,000 new profiles monthly.
More than 6 million people search every month. And over 3,000 customers, including Yahoo!, Microsoft, Oracle, PepsiCo, and 20% of the Fortune 500, subscribe to ZoomInfo’s premium service products. ZoomInfo is privately held and based in Waltham, Mass.


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